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BTWS06ES1 – George R.R. Martin Interview

George R. R. Martin at SDCCWe are happy to bring you this interview of George R. R. Martin at Mysticon brought to us by the sexy beast Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit. Rich has been kind enough to share this interview via simulcast on BTW and Geek Radio Daily. The interview was recorded at the end of February just before the Season 6 premiere which is why you hear a lot of questions about whether Jon Snow is alive or not.

Our next episode will either be our Season 6, Episode 6 discussion, or live show at Balticon 50 depending on how well recordings go.

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Game of Thrones Meme Round up

To get us ready for season 5 we’ve got some fun memes I’ve collected over the hiatus. I may have missed some, so if I missed your favorite, please send it in or link to it in the comments.c895754e-7f68-4faa-8dc1-18dfbf738794











Beyond The Wall

Game of Thrones meme roundup

Game of Thrones Facebook

Jamie's Facebook has started making a facebook styled news stream for each episode this season, you can see Episode 1 here, and Episode 2 here.  They are hilarious and I will be posting them each week.


The hilarious song we were all laughing about in last night’s live episode.

Where Are My Dragons

Game of Thrones has a brand new spin-off! It ain’t easy being a single mother of dragons, and this new reality show proves it!

Where Are My Dragons – watch more funny videos

School Of Thrones

If you haven’t seen School of Thrones yet, you owe it to yourself to watch this three episode web series.  If you only watch it for the opening credits then it’s worth it, but stay tuned, episode 2 has a special guest actor from the show, and episode 3 adds another fan favorite.

If the Space Missions had Houses

Image courtesy of the LISA Mission.Image courtesy of the LISA Mission.


Sometimes fandom can go too far…


There are some more memes I really liked (like the wish fulfillment video) but many of them are filled with spoilers, so be careful when you look through memes.  What’s your favorite Game of Thrones meme this week?  Let me know and I will share it in next week’s roundup.