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SFM Presents: The Top 10 – Videogames of this Generation

On Sunday we had a special show called “The Top 10… Videogames of this Generation.”

As an aside, we’ll be doing more of these “Top 10” shows in the future…

But on Sunday, Christiana Ellis, Justin Macumber, and I battled it out to determine SFM’s first top ten list. It was a knock-down, drag-out fight (or possibly a polite discussion). Each participant brought in a list of fifteen or so games, and before the night was through, we had a list of ten games, ranked from #10 to #1.

We will be releasing a written post soon with summaries of each game and why we chose them, and three extra summaries of games that were on our individual lists but did not make the final ten. But until then, here was some of our final selections, in no particular order (watch the video to see the final results!!):

The Last of Us
Dragon Age: Origins
Mass Effect 3
Portal 2
Red Dead Redemption

As you can tell, our favorite games tended to be single player RPGs or action oriented experiences with great stories. We know this won’t match up with anyone else’s top 10 games list, but that’s not the point. For us, this is’s Top Ten.