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tl;dr – Unfortunately, due to over-zealous copyright reactions, we are having trouble finding an on-demand print service that will authorize our logo. Come back in a week or two and hopefully we’ll have a new store up.

Even though our logo and our show are legal under United States copyright law, print shops have received blanket letters from HBO that they must authorize any product sold that has “Game of Thrones” printed on it. This isn’t necessarily evil, but the print companies don’t have the money to defend themselves (I assume, or it may be that they don’t care, or are hoping to get HBO licensing deals). Either way, every store we’ve used so far as worked for a little bit, but eventually had all items pulled because our logo says “A ‘Game of Thrones’ Podcast” on it.

I guess we could change our tagline, but we feel it’s important that people who haven’t heard of us know that it’s a show that discusses Game of Thrones. Hopefully the artwork would click with somebody that doesn’t work for every viewer, much less those that are visually impaired and have to go by text and meta-tags to find shows and products.

OK, my ranting is over.


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