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Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 3, Ep. 8

“Second Sons”

Here is the audio from the Episode 8 Hangout a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy.

During the Hangout, we referred to several images… here they are:


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8 replies on “Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 3, Ep. 8”

Getting caught up on the actual audio, so comments will trickle in.

I was relieved that Daario did not look like a Pirate Clown.

You guys were awesome to play up to Chooch's theory that the Red Wedding involved Melisandre and Gendry. Thumbs up! When someone had a different interpretation of what the Red Wedding might be, it's good to quietly encourage it, and not discourage it. So there's that shock!

In regards to Sansa not kneeling and Joffrey stealing a step that wasn't present in the books: since the chapter was a Sansa POV, it was clear that she was supposed to kneel and that she rebelliously wasn't. This would have been probably impossible to convey on screen, and would have made the wedding ceremony look extremely ill-planned.

So I was fine with Joffey stealing the step, and Tyrion having to ask Sansa to kneel Since Sansa had been warned about the wedding unlike the book, I felt she had had sufficient time to emotionally adjust and would oblige.

I also thought that the context of Melisandre's leeching of Gendry was clear when she said "This is Ser Davos' fault, he needed a demonstration of the power" (I am paraphrasing from memory…)

Melisandre had planned on killing G, but had been talked into proving the value of the blood first. It was a weird scene though, since it was not exactly clear who she was addressing, Gendry or Stannis.

I assume Gendry, since I assume Stannis knew what was going on. But it was kind of an odd thing to say.

Gendry: You crazy but sexy bitch! You're putting leeches on little Gendrito!

Missy: Ser Davos over there is to blame. He has to have this sexy blood magic proven first.

Gendry: Davos you douchebag!

Ser Davos: In my defense lad, the Red Woman had been planning on killing you. Seems to me, I'd take leeching over death.

Missy: In my defense, if I was going to take all of your blood, I'd have let you make a smoke baby first, so you'd get a happy ending before the less than happy ending.

Gendry: WTF??!!!???!!!!

Stannis: Can we get on with the naming of names? I have some stoic brooding to do. And Davos has a lot of my mail to read, the illiterate crabberson.

I was doing some fact checking on what PG said that it was Tywin's dad who crushed the Castamere's. It was not, it was Tywin. But I think it happened while Tywin's father still ruled (weakly and distracted) at Casterly Rock. Which is why the Castamere's rebelled.

So, it wouldn't have happened in Cersei's lifetime, it was before. But it was Tywin's doing.

These details came from a summary in a World of Ice and Fire App, so I'm not super-trusting it, if I find out more relevant details, I'll come here and correct.

That sounds right. I feel pretty good… I was only half wrong. 😉

Yep. Episode 9 tonight. Episode 10 next week (I hope).

The audio for ep 9 wasn\’t great due to Internet connectivity issues. I dreaded working on it. My bad. The video and audio is on YouTube for eps 9 and 10 for those that can\’t wait.

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