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Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 3, Ep. 5

“Kissed By Fire”

We had fun recording Wednesday night. I hope so, because it was our second longest episode ever. Here is the audio from the evening. We hope you’ll be able to join us this Wednesday night for our discussion of Episode 6.

During the Hangout, we referred to several images… here they are:

Be sure to leave us feedback, through email, comments, or voicemail, between Sunday and Wednesday and we’ll include in our next Hangout/YouTube live show.


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2 replies on “Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 3, Ep. 5”

When discussing the idea of the marriage between Cersei and Loras someone said, "One thing I do want to note is that in the books it is not Sir Loras that they are going to hook her up with." Spoiler – the Cersei / Loras wedding doesn't happen, I guess.

I see what you’re saying, but we weren’t really spoiling anything there. We said in the book they had discussed marrying her “at that time” to Balon Greyjoy. Even if we came across as saying Cersei didn’t marry “that” person, it doesn’t affect whether or not she will marry Loras on the show. Because, oh yeah, they’ve changed things. We don’t know one way or another now, which is a good thing.

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