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Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 6 Discussion

Since we don’t do our Hangout/YouTube show until Wednesday, feel free to use this post to discuss Season 3, Episode 6, “The Climb.”

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18 replies on “Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 6 Discussion”

Let the discussion commence!

I'll go on record that the episode wasn't as awesome as previous ones, but I thought it was solid. I'll even defend the Theon Westeros Jeopardy scenes.

I was not expecting Ros to die off. I was convinced she would continue as observer/commentator/exposition aider etc.

I'm still not sure how to rate this episode, I have to figure it out before tonight.

I actually liked Theon's scenes, and Ros's death, WOW! That shocked me too

Hm, didn't like this episode as much.
Actually for some parts it seems unnecarry and kinda strechted.
Though the Wall climbin was done quite cool and impressive. Just didn't believe Jon would drop.

About the Rest.
First Brienne & Jamie scene I didn't like. Its been kinda awkward.
Nothing really happened and the cliffhanger didn't really work. Like, Meet & Greet, Nice gown ye will be seperated. End. Hum. Am pretty fond of Brienne but this was just way to short. They could have put it to the scene when the seperation actually happens and has some effects.

Brans little plots also been a little pointless.
Etablishing Meera and Osha don't like each other and stating the obvious bout behind the wall. Could also been put to some scene where something more happens.

The Sam scene was kinda crute, though I thought they'll get jumped by something. Luckily they didn't. Just a view days walk without stuff for the baby seems like a harsh idea / trip ^^;

About Theon, still pushing the point.
Think it's okay though not exiting. Sometimes I wish they would have left the gore scene to imagination.

Robb was okay. I don't think Edmure should be pincing about the wedding after having cause trouble with the mill. He also seems kind of old, might be happy to have / still get a wife.

The scene bout Arya. I wondered how Melissandra a) got the knowledge of Gendry b) figured where he was and c) teleported over in a timely fashion. oO; I don't like the LoL stuff so far and the oracle to Arya was kinda off.

Littlefinger seems to totally go for chaotic evil. Found it a bit odd. Also that Ros got discarded. (Didn't cared so much bout the character, but she managed to look like a nice corpse. Ewww, that sounds wrong)

Grandma had a great conversation with Tywin. Was really nice to watch 😀

It was also nice to see the talk between Cersei and Tyron. Though am not sure it was Joffrey who set Mandon up to kill Tyron.

I felt the scene about Sansa and Loras was totally redundant. We know that she's not the brightest (fashion victim who can't tell pins from broches apart?), kinda naive and that her gaydar is totally off.
They might have saved the scene to actually show how Tyron brokes the news to both.

I think there was a lot of hints being laid in this episode, it's a lot but I can't pull away from the show saying "This is the one where X, Y, & Z happens" What did happen?

Melissandra I believe got her information from reading the flames, how did she get to the Riverlands so fast? I don't know, she hopped on the back of a Raven?

Hm, might be. I didn't like that some things got teased but abandoned when it would have been more interesting. Like a followup on the seperation scene or some … uhm … more interesting vision from Jojen.

I believe Melissandra just travels at the speed of plot XD XD XD
With the almighty Lord of Light helping. Even though she's kinda skinny, she's still to fat for a raven ^^;
I do just have fun imagine that she maybe catapulted to some nearby town 😀
(attention, attention red priests dropping in XD)
So the red comet could have been a traveling red priest xD
(sorry just being silly)

"I believe Melissandra just travels at the speed of plot XD XD XD "

I'm using this is in the cast tonight!

Well, you guys got your wish: Ros is dead. I hope you're happy. Haha, jk! She needed to go, though I did find the scene extremely disturbing. I wonder if this was the writers giving in to all of the Ros hate? I would hope that they wouldn't let something like that affect the direction of the series, but still it makes one wonder. Why spend so much time shoe-horning this made-up character into so many scenes only to kill her off like this?

What purpose does her death really serve? Is it to remind us that Joff is a SOB? I don't think we really need reminding of that. I suppose it helps re-affirm that Littlefinger is not a good guy, but even the thickest show watchers should have figured that out by now.

Also, there has been some pretty pointed negative reaction to this scene. Some people have mentioned that Ros' death has somehow sexualized or glorified violence against women. I think this is off the mark. I can't imagine anyone watching this scene felt anything but disgust. It was extremely disturbing even if you hate Ros.

I think this was a way for the writers to get back at us for Ros hate, sort of a "Bet you wish you didn't make all those sexposition jokes now, eh?" jab.

I think this showed two things, one, there is no question, Joff is a sociopath, and two, Littlefinger isn't as non threatening as he seems to have gotten, while he doesn't like to get his hands dirty, he is just as ugly when it comes to people he doesn't care about, and that is almost all of the realm.

I think it is violence against women, but that's the point isn't it? Joff is a sociopath, he sees people as toys, he feels he can do what he likes with common folk, and whores especially. It's very common among his archetype. He is not being persuaded by Margery to learn to love the common folk, he's doing it just as show. He's still an evil SOB. (and that's all I will say without getting into spoilers)

I wouldn't underestimate what people might consider positive @.@;
About Joff,… maybe they were afraid that the viewers get the impression that Magery already totally tamed him down,..

I'm behind on watching all of the video, I think I've caught up on the first hour, so I can make some comments now, and hopefully make more later. (Possibly in the comment section for the VIDEO FEED)

You guys have touched on how overtly villainous Baelish is being portrayed, and I know from reading other recap sites from book-readers, that there's a sense of loss over the lack of mystery around Baelish. Shade of gray is often mentioned when talking about book-Littlefinger.

I'm kind of okay with Little Pete being more overtly portrayed as self-serving and amoral. There might still be room for nuance, for example, he does seem to have an irrational blinder when it comes to Catelyn, which caused him to overplay his … position (as Bolton might say) when talking to Cersei last year about power, and to totally lose his savoir-faire when negotiating with Catelyn last season, literally over Ned's dead body.

I have some more things to say about Baelish and his portrayal, but I really want to wait a bunch of episodes before I do.

Branching from that, I'd like to respond to some comments about the Varys/Baelish scene. I think PG felt it was kind of atypical for Baelish to be so up front and overtly gloaty evil in front of Varys, but I think Christiana was on target saying that the scene was not inconsistent for the show, and we just don't have contrary evidence from the books due to the POV situation.

This might be a controversial statement, but I've not really fully accepted any of the Varys/Baelish pairing up scenes. They are so surreal that I can't take them seriously. Seriously might be the wrong word. I mean that when they start talking, I unconsciously interpret it as some kind of allegory. Time might as well have stopped, and the two of them are archetypes inhabiting the same kind of narrative dimension that Greek Choruses do.

So, if Pete is extra mustache twirling villainous, it doesn't really bother me. It might as well be a thought balloon.

You guys mentioned Baelish counting the number of swords on the throne, and his dismissing the symbolic importance of the throne (and therefore the entire idea of the realm) because there really weren't 1000 swords, but less than 200. I think I've read online people deconstructing his chaos:pit:ladder speech and using the number of swords to illustrate the illusion of the state and how we believe these lies and so on.

I might give Littlefinger his credit in his ability to count, but I think he's totally missing the point. Or 200 points. Regardless of how many swords were melted down by Aegon Targaryen's dragon to make the iron throne, the iron throne was created by A F**KING DRAGON MELTING DOWN THE F**KING SWORDS OF AEGON'S VANQUISHED OPPONENTS. (Forgive the expletives, I'm allowed once a year to go off like that.)

I'm still freaking impressed by that, and I'm not really interested in the actual amount of swords that went into it. Should Aegon have wanted a throne roughly 5 times the size, he could have made one. Easily. If Littlefinger wants to boast of his counting skills, he is welcome to do so. But it made him look like an idiot to me.


Patman you made me giggle so much!

Also, this bit about 200 swords, or 1000, it proves the point that most people in Westeros can't count 🙂

But yes, who cares? It's Aegon, the first of his name and his effing dragons.

I can imagine the source of the myth…

AEGON: Behold my throne! Balerion melted 200 swords of vanquished opponents to create this symbol of my power. I'll need a hella-fluffy cushion, but it's a righteous chair.

WESTEROS PR FIRM: Well… the focus group we assembled aren't sufficiently awed by the sound of 200 swords. Might you get Balerion to melt 800 more and add to the chair?

AEGON: Dude. The great hall's not big enough for the throne to be 400% bigger.

WESTEROS PR FIRM: Tell you what, we'll just quietly execute this group, assemble a new group, and tell them it's 1000 swords. Then, your dynastic power will be legitimized, and assured for all time.

AEGON: Unless someone bothers to count the swords…

WESTEROS PR FIRM: Seriously? Have you ever seen one of these fools counts beyond 20?

I finished watching the video! Huzzah!

Boo on the contest shenigans. (I had 4 Freys on my survey) Boo!

This is no big deal, but since you all had forgotten the details on the obsidian blades being found last season… Sam, Grenn, and Dolorous Edd find the cache of dragonglass weaponry at the base of the Fist of the First Men after Jon has left with Qhorin. (If I recall correctly.)

Speaking of Dolorous Edd, and I understand that you're under no obligation to change your behavior to suit me, but it irks me when you pronounce Dolorous (the adjective) like "Dolores" (the name.) The first syllable of Dolorous has the stress, as opposed to the second syllable of the girl's name. I only bring that up since I don't think that the show has ever named Edd, and I wonder how many people who listen to the podcast think Edd is named Dolores.

Yes, you have been Grammar Nazi'd. Or the equivalent if this isn't technically a grammar issue.

I pronounce everything wrong, sorry 🙂 I do think of it as you say, but perhaps it comes out as the other way. I know it should be more "Dulloras"

I know the pronunciation, but now I treat it as a joke, just like pot pie and the newly named Gendric. 🙂

Heck, most of the crew still say Jendry, so I just roll with it. I figure people listen to us for the fun, not for the facts. We\’re not that podcast. 🙂

Hah! I listen for the chance to provide grammar corrections!

Look, A Man Has to Vent.

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