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Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 3, Ep. 2

“Dark Wings, Dark Words”

Ok, the sound is better. But not great, as the audio from the YouTube video is not as good as recording through Skype… who would have thought you’d ever hear  the phrase “not as good as recording through Skype.” Will continue tinkering until I get it right.

My Knights of Hollow Hill did great work during the show, and I hope you enjoy their efforts.

During the Hangout, we referred to several images… here they are:



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5 replies on “Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 3, Ep. 2”

Thanks for releasing the audio!

I was thinking about Catelyn's speech about Jon Snow, and although it did seem she was wracked with guilt, there was a certain amount of blame that she was still dropping on Jon. If he had never come to them, then she wouldn't have wished him gone, and then she wouldn't have promised the gods, and then she wouldn't have broken her promise, etc.

It did seem like Catelyn's is putting herself a bit too much up the scale of importance.

Catelyn: I want this little brat gone.

The Father: Yes ma'am! We'll send the pox to him right away!

The Stranger: I'm on it.

Catelyn: Whoa, that's bad! I'm bad! Don't kill the child, I promise to love him if you don't kill him!

The Father: What? Geez, it's hard to undo poxes!

The Mother: Smith! Quick, go call the Stranger back!

The Smith: What? Good thing I had this Ravenphone invented. Hey Stranger, knock off the pox!

Then they're all eyeing her from Andals Heaven, getting impatient.

I'm just now listeing to the episode, so if you already found it out (or mentioned it later) my bad.

If you want to see more – much more – of Joe "Gendry" Dempsie check out Season 1+2 of "Skins" (the british original, not the watered down MTV version), you might also see some other GoT "alumni" there. And don't worry, both of them were over 18 even then.

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