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Game of Thrones meme roundup

Welcome to the second round up of game of thrones memes

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Of course we need some Doctor Who crossovers, since PG keeps spotting actors in the series.
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The Bear and the Maiden Fair by Hold Steady

Now readers of the books have often wondered how this song goes, as it is laced through all of the books, you can’t go ten chapters without someone singing it or mentioning it, it’s more prevalent than lemon cakes. So fans have come up with their own versions from pure speculation.

My least favorite rendition, by Roy Dotrice in the Audiobook Storm of Swords

If Disney Made Game of Thrones, Dany’s Song

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Hey, I just finished watching the video for your podcast for Walk of Punishment. Thank you for my coronation as Survey King for this week.

A quick few thoughts (or possibly a bunch of rambly observations…)

– I rated the episode higher than you all did, but I still love you all. I didn't have the problems with pacing, but I might just like things to unfold in a relaxed fashion. (It might have been the chill mood I was in, I don't know.)

– The post-brothel scene with Podrick returning avec le cash originally bugged me, but I think I came to the same conclusion as others did that (in my opinion) Tyrion pre-paid the whores to refuse Pod's cash and no matter how inexperienced he was, let him imagine he was the Sex Bob-omb. Tyrion's reaction when Pod returned was not necessarily of suspicion, which would be the reasonable or rationale conclusion, and his leaping to the conclusion that Pod was the Sexual Titan would only make sense if this was also his gift to Pod. So, we might get that as some payoff, but I'd be surprised if it gets addressed again.

– Viv's comments about Martin and Willem Lannister made me realize that she's holding onto the Stark boy ages too closely. The series started with them aged up, Bran was 10, and Robb was conceived right before Ned rode off to Robert's rebellion. Robb and Jon were both born during the conflict, which ended in the TV timeline 18 years before. Robb is about as old as Daenerys. So I can't equate little Martin and Willem as chronological peers to Robb. If we want to compare the boys who were analogous in the books (one of them was a Frey with a Lannister mom…) they were the same age but were probably physically larger. Anyway, I liked scene with Talisa because it gave a reason to show the boys who were properly introduced during Robb and Edmure's discussion about hostages.

– I was pretty sure that Craster was sizing up how desperate the men of the Night's Watch were, and was not moved by pity to let them in, but realized that they looked desperate enough to be dangerous.

– Near the end when Jaime was getting released by Locke from the tree, I was pretty sure that Brienne was not thinking "you fool, your arrogance will be your undoing", she was thinking "you son of a bitch, everything goes your way!" Jaime was totally giving her the "observe how the world respects the prowess and charm of the Golden Boy" look.

– The jarring rendition of Bear and the Maiden Fair kicked so much ass even Theon felt it miles away.

Hey, once again, great podcast, and I look forward to seeing the new episode Sunday. Now His Watch Has Ended.

"- I was pretty sure that Craster was sizing up how desperate the men of the Night's Watch were, and was not moved by pity to let them in, but realized that they looked desperate enough to be dangerous"

Yes! this is what it was! Desperate enough to be dangerous, nice way of putting it.

"- Near the end when Jaime was getting released by Locke from the tree, I was pretty sure that Brienne was not thinking "you fool, your arrogance will be your undoing", she was thinking "you son of a bitch, everything goes your way!" Jaime was totally giving her the "observe how the world respects the prowess and charm of the Golden Boy" look. "

This is exactly what I was thinking too 🙂 This really was the episode of the facial expressions, I love those.

Whoa, I almost forgot another point.

– Vargo Hoat and his speech impediment replaced by Locke, who spoke just fine? EXCELLENT! I'm serious, I had no interest in having someone lisping whose speech would be unintelligible. What works for the page does not work for the screen. The same goes for Roose Bolton. It was interesting in the books that Roose had this quirk that he was a very quiet talker.

It would suck so hard if they had Bolton whispering on the show.

Robb: Ah, good news or bad news, Lord Bolton?

Roose: murmur murmur murmur

Robb: Crikey! That's a sticky wicket, eh what?

Roose: murmur murmur murmur

Robb: Oh no, not pop-pop too!


Jerry Seinfeld: Didn't a do an episode about this?

As there's no new post with the audio/video I too shall use this thread for my more extensive look at the episode. ^^;

I did like the episode better then the last one. Even though I did think – midepisode – something like "Okay, rather slow and uneventfull, like the last episode" the Brienne and Jaime part totally made up for it. Even more then the last "Seeing them fighting"-event.

So I'll start with them both. I was quite surprised that Brienne seem to have gotten chatty when bound on the horse to Jaime. He started about how they wouldn't have been taken if he was armed and unchained, but she pretty much pushes about how she just beat him. Not only like "You *were* armed." but also the part where she mocks on "All my life I've been hearing 'Jaime Lannisters, what a brilliant swords man. … You were slower then I expected …. and more predictable'" … "I am a women, am still beating you". … "Maybe you were as people said,… once. Maybe people just love to overpraise a famous name" I found it quite hilarious. So at first I took the rape explanation from Jaime as some tit-for-tat-response. Specially as he suggest stuff like closing the eyes and pretending them to be Renly @.@;

So I got quite surprise that when he noticed that it was about to happened he (even successfully) tried to talk the leader out of it. Even though I wondered if Briennes family is really that rich. If so she might have mentioned it herself. Also when their journey started he needed some time to connect Tarth to the Islands it is, if they'll sit there on a shitload of sapphires he should have remembered faster? Plus wouldn't it make them richer then the Lannisters? Might be a reason why he didn't tried to bribe her out of it. Plus there has to be some truth to it as I guessed the Bolton-kidnapper recognized some of the "sapphire islands"-stuff.
I'd did quite like the staging of the fight it self, even if it wasn't to pleasant to watch her getting beaten up. I don't think she thought about the mess Jaime was getting himself in on her return. I am not sure what exactly she's been thinking (television mind reading fail xD). Brienne did look very exhausted from the fight after being unbound from the tree, the fight in the woods (from the sounds) and the small fight getting bound to the tree again. Where I wondered if she'd even realize that she just jumped to be raped by like at hairbreadth thanks to Jaime.
Then she's sitting down and listens to the person she kept calling "Kingslayer" bragging on about his family riches, how he was fed with golden spoons and how he suggest betrayal and desertion to the Boltons as it would be something like a good idea and not something totally dishonorable.
I think the blank face she gave was an expression of the past terror and kind of disgust about Jaimes behavior? While trying to process that that's the guy who just might talked he out of something worse.

I didn't really seen what has been coming next. Sure, I didn't believe that they would give him all his wishes. But maybe some? So when he was brought to the "block" I considered that they, uhm, "pound him into the dirt"? As he even might be considered better looking then Brienne.
Then they started those eye-poking terror, and I wondered like "Can't be? He had two eyes in the previews? Maybe it's only a threat? Maybe they staged the previews?". While the eye-poking scene the music started and I was a bit like "WTF?", I rewinded, retried, but it didn't seem to much off. So I guess they were doing this for like a cliffhanger.
But then.
It totally took me by surprise. And I was seriously not only shocked but disgusted. Normally I can watch shows like GoT or Walking Dead or whatever while eating. But this time I was happy that I've been done eating already. And also that I stopped reading the books after the second one to keep room to be surprised 😀
I hope that Brienne will help Jaime a bit, or at least don't get judgmental about his previous behavior, specially as Jaime did show nice (and unexpected) sense of companionship to her before. And am wondering how it will continue.

Something that occurred to me, it seems like the band got quite a knack for the song "The bear and the maiden fair". Also that there might be a reason why they didn't use the song in the Tyrell scene as in the book. I combined that with my assumptions on the season trailer, where it does look like Brienne has to fight a bear. And I did somewhat got afraid that those weird Boltons might get the idea to kind of restage the song using Brienne (who's even blond) and a bear. @_@;

About the 'rest' ^^:
I do think Edmure gave quite a dwerp impression. Not being able to hit the funeral boot and then sabotaging the war and basically killing of 200 men for a pointless mill and useless prisoners. I don't even really see the benefit that he's driven of the Mountain. As the Mountain will keep plundering, murdering and raping and eventually return. So he didn't got much sympathy.
I don't think that Robb is supposed to be the same age as those Lannister kids. I guess the scene was more about reinforcing the "He might be a Warg"-myth that seems to be going on. While I did think it was kind of strange that Robb snickert at his grandpas funeral going a bit wrong.
Regarding the Blackfish and Catelyn scene, I liked her tale from her childhood. Though the explanation why the Blackfish and her father were fighting did seem a bit like "WTF?",… the fB recap got it pretty much. I would just have dropped the topic at the show. He's the Blackfish, done. Maybe mention some time later that he refused to wed.

About Kings Landing. I did find the Council meeting a bit of a turn down. They'll stand straight before Tywin as something bad is about to happen, but then it's a normal meeting. Hum and the chair moving was a bit,… very much Comedy like? I didn't like to which extend it was pulled off. Though the discussion afterwards was nice.
The brothel scene. Hum. I dunno. Think they had to make up on the breast-quota. I took Pods magic stick as just another joke, a not to bad one. Bit strange, but maybe really just to lighten the mood. It also did got some positive feedback at the Chats / Forums am surfing.
I was more worried about the deep depts Kings Landing is in, and it's implications regarding the war, as the question if Littlefinger whores will defect him or not. I wonder if Tywin does know about it and is offering something like a chance to Tyron to redeem himself.

I considered the scenes north of the wall rather uneventful.
I do wonder how (if so) they'll manage to scale the wall like, straight way up, other side down. It seems unlikely that even more then Thormund will make it all the way up. And whether more then one Wildling (apart from John) will take the express exit down. I don't really see the need for fire at Mances position. They are not going to fight White Walkers? The art installation of the White Walkers are quite confusing. ^^;
About Craster you said so far most everything. I do think he was defensive as he basically told them "I worship the f* White Walkers, so don't touch me or they'll eat you" though I think the later implied threat doesn't hold up to anything. I found it a bit strange that he implied eating Sam. It reminded me a bit of the trainer,..

Those scenes with Arya and the Band of Brothers were nice.
Though I did wonder why she tried to get a reaction of the Hound regarding Mikhails dead instead like asking stuff like "How is Sansa" doing.
Like she also didn't notice the Wolf-Bread as Wolf-Bread that Hotpie made. It was totally clear to me, but she really seemed to need the explanation. I also found it awkward that she – as well as Gendry – did seem to avoid any physical contact. I would have expected something like a hug. Or at least a friend pat on the shoulder. Hot Pie also gave the impression of being kind of waiting for something like this. But nada. At least she complimented on the bread.

Even though Hot Pie made it out alive and at one piece I was kind of very sad. …. And something like expecting that he'll get snatched into the Inn by a monster and be eaten screamingly @.@
Which didn't happened luckily enough for him ^^
I wonder if we'll ever see him again ^^

Oh and bout the other rest.
Theons scene aint to bad, A nice race through the woods though somewhat no one dropped of the horse involuntary expect from Theon, but not thanks to environment. I found it a bit strange that he got rescued from a Stark follower. ^^;

Other then that, nice cast and keep it coming 🙂

I don't want to say anything about what might come, but I am holding my breath… but as to Arya not hugging Hotpie, he knew her as a boy for the most part, and boys don't hug right? I think even when he found out she was a girl they still had a boy relationship. At least in Arya's mind perhaps?

If she hugged Hotpie, she'd never let go. It would be too heartbreaking. And then she and Hotpie would have had to ride behind Thoros.

I did feel sorry for Hotpie that he only got a quasi-comradely shoulder tap from Bob's bastard.

They maybe could have tried some male "bro thing" xD
Clap on the shoulders, high five, manly hug-crash (even Robert hugged Ned) don't know. ^^;
The way it was I felt a little sorry for HotPie, bit like Patman described ^^;;;

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