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Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 3, Ep. 1

“Valar Dohaeris”

First off, apologies about the audio quality. I didn’t realize how bad my sound was until it was too late. I blame Nicole Gugliucci (because she’s fun to blame for no reason). I wish I could say “You had ONE JOB, GUGLIUCCI.” But she didn’t know to tell me I was way too echoey and crap. 😉

Next time will be better. I’ve moved to a new location for next week’s Google Hangout… well, a new room anyways.

ANYHOO… the audio here is better than it was during the Hangout.

My Small Council did great work during the show, and I hope you enjoy their efforts.

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During the Hangout, I referred to several images… here they are:




this guy1


this guy2this guy3

blinded by snow?






flayed man


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6 replies on “Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 3, Ep. 1”

Nice photos and commentary. Thumbs up on pointing out Roose Bolton's Dreadfort sigil. Flayed Man!

I'm most of the way through listening to the audio. PG, I appreciate your apologies on your sound quality, but these things happen.

My first comment: I'm not sure I get your problem with the dude playing Rattleshirt. In the books, he was described as being rather unimpressive when not in his armor. I assume it's clashing with a strong mental image you have.

It all comes down to how you picture people in your head. I never picture Varys like he is in the show but everyone else did. Rattleshirt looked just like my mental image but others built him up more in their mind. I expected Mance to be more attractive than he is portrayed, and not as tall.

Nutty, I like Ciaran, but I agree with you on the attractiveness angle. It works the other way too sometimes. Glen's Ser Jorah is way better looking than I imagined him in the books, and his character is the only way I see Jorah now when I read the books.

I'm right there with you on Jorah, I just saw him as some old guy, but since seeing the series he's all sexy in my mind now.

Some characters have changed in my head thanks to the books, Varys, Jorah, are two examples, but Trion, Tywin, Jon, they all look the same as they originally did in my head even though the actors play the parts really well. I think it's because I was more attached to those characters before reading the books?

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