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Video: Beyond The Wall: Season 3 Ep. 1

Sorry about the audio quality on my end. I’ll do better next time. A few hiccups, but some great analysis from the Small Council.

Again, a reminder: if you are a listener to this podcast, the audio version of this episode will be released in a day or two, with some extras to make it worth your time. Look out for that.

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BTW Team,

I'll be able to provide feedback to your podcast session once I get the audio on my iPod (this is a not a veiled way of me cracking the whip, I trust you'll get the audio into iTunes when you can) but I'd like to kick things off talking about Sunday's episode (I apologize if I tread ground you already have trod Wedneday… I should just put in the time and watch the video first, but I'll throw caution to the wind (like my man Davos) and do my thing.)

I was pretty happy seeing Ghost show up to save Sam. Having Ghost with Jon and Wildlings like in the book would have been okay, but I like that Ghost more or less decided to keep an eye on Sam.

I'm imagining that Ghost picked up on Jon's worries about Sam, and decided that Sam needed a guardian more than Jon would.


Is Tywin Lannister the worst dad on the planet? (Well, maybe Craster holds that title.) But what a goon.

I don't know if it was intended in the scene as written, but it seemed that Tyrion's request for Casterly Rock was a nice riposte to Tywin.

Tywin: What do you want?

Tyrion: An 'attaboy' would be nice.

Tywin: Bass players need applause, you're a Lannister. A Lannister I say!

Tyrion: Well, in that case, since I'm a LANNISTER dad, I'd like you to acknowledge my status as heir, since Jaime's out of the running. Booyah!

Tywin: Ack! Let's re-examine the 'attaboy' request, you monster!


I can't even start in on how much Jerome Flynn is awesome as Ser Bronn, since if I start, I won't ever stop.


Davos! Once again, they hit gold casting Liam Cunningham as the Onion Knight. I saw an interview where he talked about Stephen Dillane (Stannis) deciding the way to play the scene where Davos returns, as one where Stannis barely looks at him. That was awesome all around.


I won't bring up Harrenhall, since I suspect you guys had talked about the kind of obscurity of the scene. I will say it was good seeing the secondary characters in Robb's army, Roose Bolton and Lord Karstark. I'm hoping we see the Greatjon again.


The Dany scenes had a nice momentum, in constrast to last season. Amelia Clark is just cute as the Khaleesi. She was excellent in the Unsullied introduction scene (as was the slaver, that guy nailed the part), but she was so charming when she was observing the little waif with the happy scorpion fun-ball. That whacky wee Warlock.


I'm cool with Selmy's identity being known straight off the bat. I was really happy to see that actor again.

I'm looking forward to seeing next week's episode, and getting up to speed on all of the others.

Best regards,

Just curious, where do you like to have the comments?
YouTube, fB or here?

I pretty much do like the episode.
Seen it twice by now and probably have watched it three times by next week.

Something that I do still consider very confusing is the opening scene. Having not read the books further then chapter two, I honestly have no idea what has happened.
There is clearly a fight, but it doesn't really sound like an epic battle. More like maybe 2-5 Brothers of the Nightwatch getting slaughtered. Maybe those two who ran faster then Sam? [On a side note, the black screen was very confusing, first I thought my Video is broken]
Also I didn't get the complaint about the Raven. Even if those were the Raven-Cages, it was clearly the first time that those horns got sounded three times. So I presume that Sam couldn't have been sent to use the Ravens to alert about the White Walkers as those weren't known.
Plus Mormont and the Brothers looked liked bathed in Blood and prepared with torches. So it's I guess quite some time after the surprise? I hope they'll explain a bit more about what has happened.

I really laughed along when John thought it would be a good idea to kneel,… like all the speech about freepeople-wildlings that Ygritte gave him.

Got kind of surprised that the Onion Knight hasn't been roasted, given his catapult exit from the Wildfire explosion. Though he seems to get a tendency for deadly fire situations. As Melissandre might roast him now instead. Melissandre was like a total bitch (sry) in the scene, though Stannis wasn't way better. I would have expect some appreciation that his dear friend and "almost hand" survived?

Though Stannis may just sail the same "appreciation"-ship as Tywin. Regarding Tywin I don't think he would get really mad if he learned about Joeffrey. He seems very focused on keeping stuff to the Lannisters and having a "pure" Lannister linage, like the Targaryens had might be something that maybe isn't totally without appeal to him.
What could put him off, and what I thought Cersei was afraid that Tyron would spill it, is that he may not have taken it kindly to learn that Cersei tried to have her Brother / his own Son / Lannister blood killed.

I think the Tyrells are doing great on their marketing campaign for their house, status and to repair Joeffreys Status. Who really looked like "WTF? You can be nice to people and make it work".

In the meantime Daenerys seems to be a bit Lost in Translation. While she somehow attracts elderly man to search for her and pledge their devotion @.@; I somewhat hope they don't play it like a love triangle and that Jorah and Selmy stay in the friendship zone like forever ^^
(Though Selmy might be "innocent" in that regards and it's more to Jorahs kind of envy looks he gave)

I also think it's a bit unfair to be so hard on Sam because when the white walkers came he wasn't anywhere near the ravens, he was helping collect wood or something. He just wasn't there.

The opening of the episode battle was (and the black screen made me think I had something wrong too) just the brothers of the watch fighting white walkers, many died, but they fought them off. In the books you don't see it either because our PoV character isn't there at the time.

And *covers mouth*

Here is great! Look forward to reading your post once I finish watching Doctor Who. 🙂

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