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Video – Beyond the Wall – Season 3 Episode 2

We’ll be starting up around 9:10 pm…

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Cool Video, as always 🙂
Who's "Furb"?

About the Episode, I did quite like it, though I don't see it as one of the best Episodes ever. Actually there where some part that did rather left me,.. hanging? Which didn't quite catch up with me.

While something I totally enjoyed was every scene with Jaime and Brienne. Also especially the fighting scene between both of them.
Brienne is so far my absolute favorite character and I was totally cheering for her. And indeed she proved her capabilities in fight. 😀
[As I noted earlier, when Jaime stated that there are only three men in the seven kingdom who got a chance of beating him he missed on the female site]
I don't think it was to unbalanced, cause even as Jaime might have been exhausted, Brienne was in full armor – which proven to be a problem for the guy that had to take the express exit from the Eerie – and as Jaime pointed out, she couldn't fight to kill him, while he tried. I even got the feel that Jaime should have maybe shown a bit more skill before getting his ass handed? But still it was create.
About the passenger who proven to be a rat as predicted. Hm, I don't think Brienne would have killed him even if she knew what he was up to. I assumed that she choose to let him life because her job is to bring Jaime to Kings Landing and the girls back. Not to kill every person who might (or might not) be a danger just because she can and it would make stuff easier. It might even be part of why she rather dislikes Jaime, less for the whole Kingslayer thing, but more because he easily justifies stuff that normally would be considered bad behavior (slaying peasants who might be trouble, killing Cousines, breaking vows) by using his mission or even personal feelings as excuse.
I didn't really like the Boltons showing up (they seem to be everywhere?) mostly because of the scene from the season trailer including a bear. I still hope that bloody bear dies 😀 (most ideal before he hurts Brienne xD)
About the location, I assumed them to be quite some way of Riverrun? It was somewhere near Riverrun where they started?

Second to that (but not as much) I liked the scenes with the Queen of Thorns and Maegery. It was kind of brilliant and almost as good as I remembered it from the books. Even a bit better, though I thought they would meet in a hall within the Keep? Still, the outside scenery was lovely. Might be because of the books, but I didn't expect them to bolt. Though I assumed they might have learned about Joeffreys brattiness before meeting Sansa, so it was more like a test how much she would add.
I think Maegerys Interaction with Joeffrey was genuine. For me it displayed how the guilt game thing he previously tried (to a greater success in regards of his madness) with Sansa can be used and dodged. He might be still some nutjob, but Maegery seem to got it under controll.
The arrow shot surprised me. Like he went from "Can't hit something that moves" to "Doesn't have to look to shoot the bear through the eye". I considered that it could be just a lucky hit ^^;
On a sidenote regarding sexual stuff, I considered Maegeries play with the bolter strings even a bit more "porn" then most of the sex scenes. Or even Littlefingers hitting on Sansa.
While the actor of Bran grew like a well watered instant plant the actress of Sansa got quite some looks. I found it fascinating to see how (if so) Littlefinger might took his interest from the mom to her daughter.

The scenes around Bran where okay. I considered Oshas reluctance to "black magic" stuff a bit odd. But well, things happens. Like those things that make them go to the wall, instead of go to Riverrun or another ally.
To be honest I don't like how the Reeds where introduced. Like they got a mythical Bran-Radar. @_@ Though I am also not confident with the actor of Jojen. I somewhat got the impression that he looks like Peter Pan. All the time. If he would have put his hand to hips and took off I might have considered it something normal for this Peter Pan guy. I also wasn't to fond of Mearas super-stealth attack on Osha.

Bout Theon, yeah the finger stuff was awkward. The scene itself was interesting, though I wonder how the escape plan will work. Hum.

Plus it will be fascinating to learn what happened to Winterfell. As I did assume the messages Robb got were quite of. Those 10 Ironman couldn't have laid Winterfell to waste if they'd like to.
Most interesting scene about the stuff around Robb was for me that Karstark considers the marriage of Talisa a breaking point for the lost war. The scenes around Cat, were okay. Not specially breathtaking. They might have given "Daddy dead, Bran and Rickon probably too, Winterfell ashes" bad news package a bit bigger room. Maybe also to get alienated son and mother a bit closer back together?
Bout the incorrect news, I found it somewhat surprising that the messanger skipped the part of "dead children bodies hanging outside".

North the wall. The Jon Snow scenes felt like some "explain session" for the TV watcher. It might have been a bit spicyer if a bit more happened,… or there would be a bigger feel about something at stake.
Maybe putting the bad news about dead crows in front and clearifying it wasn't the Wildlings?
I am sorry but I didn't really buy Sams suicide attempt. Felt it to be bit unbelievable. Though I like that he called out the other rangers for deserting him. Mormons command to him to not die was a bit cute. Like one could really avoid it. (Okay he should stop suiciding)

The scenes bout Arya I liked the least. I didn't like the strangers with the ability to shoot arrows with this precision (through a hole) and apparently to get a very clear view through walls. I still agree with your thoughts on the fighting scene.
Regarding the Hound, I don't think he was attempting to pan her but really like "What the fuck is the Stark one doing here?". The Hound gave a nice impression, but not necessarily to be the brightest bulb in the chandelier or the most political apt.
Also apart from the strange band of brothers I agree that Gendry is really hot 😀

And YaY I got a halfpoint 😀
Will there be another Quiz?

By the way, Teylen, those were righteously excellent comments. Thumbs up on the amount of feedback.

I agree with you entirely on Brienne not following Jaime's suggestion. What might be next? Pushing a kid out of a tower?

The Bolton's showing up didn't bother me since Roose Bolton in episode one told Lord "Crabby" Karstark that he had his hunters out. With a comment like that, if the hunting party had been Cerwyns or Hornwoods or Umbers, that just wouldn't work.

The Reeds do have BRADAR, Jojen and Bran shared dreams, and he can "see" things, so it was not a mystery that he could find them. Meera's just badass. All the crannogmen are sneaky britches.

Normally I'll wait till you done the Cast,…
But I've just seen the recent episode…
It so much took me totally by surprise,… even felt a bit sick (actually a lot),…
It's like Oh, maybe they go Theon on him O_O Oh o.o he won't poke, he won't poke, he won't…. WOAAAAH WTF HELL !!!???

Though it was still a great episode 😀
And a great show for achieving to do so 😀
Am excited how it will continue 😀

It was a great episode, and what an ending! I'm glad you were surprised. I'm really grateful to the Internet at large for not spoiling Jaime's unexpected situation.

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