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Video – Beyond The Wall – Season 3 Episode 7

Here’s the video we recorded last night.

We have Balticon next weekend. Please post here or send us an email if you have topics you’d like us to discuss on our live show. The live show will be recorded and we’ll post it here after we get home!


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11 replies on “Video – Beyond The Wall – Season 3 Episode 7”

I'll try to fire off some topics, I'm still not sure if the missus and I will be at Balticon Friday night. It's our anniversary.

I'll work on watching the video. Once again, thank you all for taking the time to record these in-depth podcasts.

Tormund's wildlings who have gone over the Wall are (as far as we know) still heading to Castle Black, but PG is correct in saying that they appear to be moving south.

They are trying to get far far away from the Wall so they won't be seen by the Night's Watch men who patrol the Wall. Since the Wall is 700 feet tall, to be safe, they'll need to head miles south before moving parallel to the Wall, heading towards Castle Black.

Since they are a relatively small force of Wildlings, their attack on Castle Black has to be done by surprise. Because, you know, there's 1000 men there, according to that traitorous turncloak Jon Snow.

The show has the wildlings behaving intelligently in regards to avoiding detection.

They may be behaving intelligently, and I know that they’re probably not sharing all their plans with that “know nuthin” Jon Snow, but I’ve talked to three friends this week, none of whom have read the book, and two of the three opened the conversation with “Where the hell are the Wildlings going?”

I think it is just a slight misstep, not having a couple of extra words in there… Ygritte could have asked “how far is it to castle black?” and no one would have been confused by the Wildlings traversing the greenish countryside south of the wall… 🙂

Mance Rayder did specifically tell them to go attack Castle Black, in front of Jon. So he knew, and we all knew from the show too.

I was just addressing why they were so far south of the Wall, which might confuse people who had known that the Wildlings were supposed to be heading to Castle Black.

First line of the show, she said “How far are we?” And he said “About a week I think?”
“You think. You don’t know?
“When we went to Castle Black, we took the King’s Road”
The inflection he had, it would be just as easy to think his “a week” meant to Winterfell as it did to Castle Black… to me anyways… and I know where he was going. 😉

Another line or so later, Ygritte mentioned that they wouldn't have drums when they attacked Castle Black, so the scene still established Castle Black as the destination.

I think we just aren't going to agree on this.

Yet again a great and entertaining casts 🙂
(I listen to all of them even for some I don't find the time to comment as I am currently moving)

Hm, about the scene were Jaime promised to bring those girls back.
I don't see the conflict that the girls ain't all in Kings Landing.
Cause they also won't be both in Kings Landing when Brienne arrives. So Brienne can't fulfill her mission either.

I am also not sure if he meant to really tell Kayburn about his act of valor. He might also just claim to save a lot of people by just normally killing the Mad King? Specially as crazy-healer-guy doesn't inquire any further. Like if the King would have lived maybe more would have died? (Even without the big-fiery-boom plan?)

Something I was wondering about is how Selmy relates to his daughter. Whether 300 gold would be a lot or like just normal? I considered that she might not at best terms with him considering she's wandering around being a swordwomen aiming to get a knight.

About the talking out using the sapphire count,.. I really don't see how he could have done it otherwise. As Locke doesn't seem to be up to alot of reason.
As imho Jaimee has no real reason to feel guilty about saving Brienne once I think he just want back to save her again. ^^; Without being guilt driven. ^^;

About the Screenshot, Brienne even doesn't stand totally straight up ^^; I found the fB Recap comment on the size quite suiting 🙂

Regarding Daenerys, I did got quite the impression that she went from like "trying to take over Westeros" to "attacking cities that did a pretty good peace offer just cause she can.".
Even though the slaves surrounding the ambassador looked badly treated, it struck me as a very,… unsympathetic move for Danny to make. At least for me. I don't root for her no more ^^;
It wasn't also really Dothraki like, as she basically just told him to "Go back, f* yourself, then return and surrender/lick my boots".
Also if I understood it right, a Dothraki Khalasar would have taken the gifts, boats, maybe some slaves and moved on.

About Theon. I'd guess after mad-guy returned any "stiffy" would be gone @.@
Another thing that got pointed out to me by a friend (who also hasn't read the books yet) is that they actually bereft Balon Greyjoy on his last chance to have a continuing male line of succession. The fact that Theon really didn't like it might have been just a bonus.

Regarding the infections. Hm. Drogo pretty much died by an infection. Plus I hope crazy-healer-guy will take care of Brienne.

@Maegery: Maybe she is preparing for the possibility that something go wrong to move Loras back in (or hatch a diffrent plan). Specially as she seems to get very annoyed when Sansa get's to the point of "Did your mother teach you". ^^;

I have to check / Figure if I can leave a voice message. I am living in Germany, which kinda explains a bit why I can't make it to your live airings ^^; (9pm is like 3-4 am iirc) In general, Teylen suites me as well as Jenny ^^;

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