PG Farewell Stream Announcment

Farewell To P.G. Holyfield


PG Holyfield Announcement

Our dear friend PG Holyfield has inoperable cancer. Please help.

The Eye of Newb

Stay Calm... and demand Trial by Combat

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Podcast Announcement – SFM Presents: Consumption

SFM Presents: Consumption is a new podcast/Google Hangout/YouTube show we’re starting this week. Presents: Consumption Some of us are media content creators; others are creators of a different type, make, or model… but all of us are media consumers. SFM Presents: Consumption will be a show where the hosts and a guest will talk about […]

Audio: Beyond the Wall - Season 3, Ep. 7

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” I had some audio issues to deal with on this one, but I think things turned out okay (there are still some issues with the first ten minutes or so, but after that things get better, I promise!). Balticon was great, and we have audio from our live show, […]

Game of Thrones meme Roundup

Here’s this week’s meme roundup a bit early, I’m off to take the kings road south from winterfell down to kingslanding to meet up with the rest of the cast for this wedding everyone is talking about.  (AKA I’m driving down 95 from Canada to BALTICON!!!)    

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