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BTWS05E01a – The Gift – Season 5 Premier Reactions

Here is the audio of our reactions after watching the Season 5 Premier of Game of Thrones.

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2 replies on “BTWS05E01a – The Gift – Season 5 Premier Reactions”

Nice react show 🙂

For myself, I haven’t read the books but got subject to some spoilers from my family and another YT show, >._>

In regards of politics I assume everything is going downhill.
Cersei is blinded and Jaime successfully guilt tripped so they don’t notice sparrows and miss union to defend them self. (Note: I think the eye-stones were really cool 😀 I could imagine having some when time comes ^^)
Margaery did appear to get quite ambitious and reckless with Olenna missing. I felt like she felt way to secure, on top of things and drunk by positive events. Loras getting out as openly gay felt stupid. Not that I am against getting out of the closet,.. but it is Westeros. Quite some people may share Joeffreys thought on homosexuality or Tywins disdain. Loras might jeopardize Maegerys political fiddlings.
I hope Olenna can find it in herself to return,.. just being awesome.

Daenerys didn’t appear wise either. At least I feel that ruling and strolling around stating you give a flying shit about the culture of the people you reign over will bite her in her behind. Specially if there are already murder assassins on the streets murdering. She could at least try to pretend to be a reasonable ruler? Granting them some cultural dignity? People didn’t even want to fight as slaves but, basically, only get their deadly fight club back…
I don’t agree that she would have done better if she’d just set sail as I believe it is more her total lack (and quite frankly disinterest for a while) of her “how to tame dragons” skill that would have lead to the outcome either way. I don’t think its that much about fate. ^^;

Johns shot at Mance may backfire as well. Though I wonder if he was kingly enough that Melissandre put some leeches on him before the burn…. Poor Mance… As a note, Mance appeared to be more concerned by choking as by burning. Would be quite a surprise if the stake burns down and he would look fine, apart from that arrow (another lizar.. err Targaryan).

Last but not least, usually I am a big fan of Brienne. Yet her scene with Podrick been rather sad. That Sansa passes both of them like 50m afar was just,… stupid. Imho. Felt really forced.

I do wonder where Sansa and Balish are going, if not for the fingers. If they were to move in the opposite direction they would end up in Lannisport or Riverrun,.. both being no good places. I would take a bet on Dorne. ^^;

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