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BTWS05E00 – The Gift – Season Five Warm Up

Game of Thrones - Season Five Poster 1The BTW crew fired up the cameras (and microphones) to discuss the upcoming season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

We discussed the show spoiling future books; the Catch The Throne Mixtape Volume Two, and some (non spoiler) things we’re looking forward to seeing this season.

2 replies on “BTWS05E00 – The Gift – Season Five Warm Up”

Yay, a shout-out to me? :O That’s very exciting, thanks Nutty!
Just to clarify, I have read all the books, including spoiler chapters, Dunk & Egg novellas and World of Ice and Fire as well as countless essays and analysis and also listened to about a dozen podcasts dedicated to both the show and the books. Talking about an obsession, right?
Because there is such a crazy amount of these podcasts out there, it took me that long to find yours, guys. I’m loving it all the same though!
And yes, now I’m all caught up on all your episodes and will definitely stick with you and listen as they’re being released.
Good show y’all, looking forward to new discussions and of course can’t wait til Sunday!
Take care, folks.

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