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Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 3, Ep. 10


Here is the audio from the Episode 10 Hangout back in June. Chooch moderated the discussion, and did a wonderful job!

I wasn’t there… I was at this wedding, see, went out to pee, and the next thing I knew some guy with a wolf’s head almost ran me down with his horse. What the hell was that all about?

I was able to get some comments to Nutty before the show, however–which means I still got to drive Christiana crazy with my grumpiness!!

NEXT WEDNESDAY, August 21st at 9 pm Eastern, we’ll do our season end show, Live on YouTube! Be sure to the look for post here

Episode 10 Hosts:

Chooch (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host, and bassist of Ditched By Kate)
Vivid Muse (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host), Girls’ Rules Podcast Host)
Christiana Ellis (too many podcasts to list here, but you can check out all things Christiana at her site).
Nuchtchas (Host of Nutty Bites Podcast)

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