Beyond The Wall

Video – Beyond the Wall – Season 3 Ep. 3

Audio only version of Wednesday night’s show will be released later tonight. If you haven’t, please head over and fill out an entry to this week’s contest:

5 replies on “Video – Beyond the Wall – Season 3 Ep. 3”

Woohoo! The video is up!

I'd leave a comment, but I used the most recent Meme area to do that.

I'm totally winning tonight's survey. FEAR ME!

Yeah, should have been up since Thursday morning, just forgot to publish the post. sigh.

I used the Meme area too.
I could copy the text over here, though I don't think it would make as much sense now ^^;

Even though the end of the pod/tyrion/bronn scene was sleazy, that was the nature of their interaction in this episode.

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