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BTWS06E01 – Beyond The Wall – Season 6 Episode 1

Family Guy - Game of Thrones MashupChooch, Nutty, and Christiana discuss the episode one of Game of Thrones Season 6. As always we don’t get into book spoilers, but we do discuss where things have further diverged without getting into details that might still make it on film.

BTWS06E00b – Season 6 Premiere Reaction

Chooch, Viv, Nutty, and Christiana get together for a quick reaction show immediately following the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere. Tune in to our YouTube channel Wednesday night for the full discussion of Season 6, Episode 1!
Game of Thrones Season Six Targaryen Banner

BTWS06E00 – Season 6 Preview

Game of Thrones Season Six Official PosterThe BTW Crew is back for Season Six! This episode is a preview of the upcoming season. We talk about what we’re hoping to see this season and announce some small changes to our show. As always, with no spoilers past the current broadcast episodes!

BTWS05E11 – Beyond The Wall – Season 5 Balticon 49

At long last here’s the audio from our Balticon 49 Live Show!

BTWS05E10 – Beyond The Wall – Season 5 Episode 10

the new ID3 art.

It’s finale time!

We discuss Episode 10 of Game of Thrones titled Mother’s Mercy. We delve deep into all the big moments the finale gave.

As always, with no spoilers past the latest aired episode. Not that there are many left!

BTWS05E10a – The Gift – Season 5 Ep10 Reaction

il_fullxfull.507834463_t3q1The crew got together just after the Game of Thrones Season five finale to record our reactions.

We’ll have our regular in-depth discussion on Wednesday 6/17/15, but we just couldn’t wait to talk about all of the DaFuk?! moments in episode 10.

BTWS05E09 – Beyond The Wall – Season 5 Episode 9

The crew discuss Episode 9 of Game of Thrones titles The Dance of Dragons. Naturally we talk a lot about Stannis, Dani, and Arya. We also get into a discussion about trigger warnings in media and vow to get together at 10:30pm Eastern on Sunday to stream a reaction show!

In the Q&A Sherriff Bullock shared this article on how out of character Stannis’ decision was. What do you think?

Game of Thrones Meme Round Up

Welcome to this week’s Game of Thrones Meme round up! All of our favorite memes. If you find one you like, let us know and we will include it next week.11230915_854872174583016_8749637911710748229_n

Check out this week’s episode of Star Ship Sofa, they read a short story from George R R Martin’s past. StarShipSofa No 389 George R. R. Martin

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The following was found on imgur, but thankfully the artist signed his art so you can find him at www.tarusov.comrx6PbLI V18BgIS 1pFIykI 7pROTmw epxVaos comeatmecrow

These next few are a little heart wrenching, but so awesome.

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