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Beyond The Wall – Season 2 – Episode 6

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Episode 6 – The Old Gods and The New

P.G. moderates this week’s panel discussion with Chooch, Vivid Muse and Christiana and Nutty.  And it’s a biggun… almost 2 hours of discussion. Enjoy!

P.G. Holyfield (author of Murder at Avedon Hill and SFM Founder
Nuchtchas (Host of Nutty Bites Podcast)
Chooch (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host, and bassist of Ditched By Kate)
Vivid Muse (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host), Girls’ Rules Podcast Host)
Christiana Ellis (too many podcasts to list here 😉 but you can check out all things Christiana at her site).

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24 replies on “Beyond The Wall – Season 2 – Episode 6”

Hey hey Nice podcast 2 hours, the last comment of the podcast is great 🙂

First I have to mention that both I and Christiana apparently independently seem to have reached the same conclusion that we think that all the kids are basically acting on a level of maturity 4 years older than they are supposed to be, as I wrote in my last post 🙂

The best part about this episode was of course the look that assassin guys gives Arya when she tells him to hurry

And the part that bothered me the most is the whole mentality these Ironborns have that if Theon does not kill Rodrik then Theon will lose the respect of his men. There are people like that in the world today and many of them are in prison.

As of writing this I have seen episode 7

One thing that I found interesting was that Dany says basically that the common folk in Westeros are just waiting for her return, and I wonder that if she at the time of saying that believes that, because in episode 7 we get another picture. And did she reach some sort of enlightenment between episode 6 and 7

I unlike you all found this episode to be ok, but not great maybe 5/10 slaps in Joffreys face

Keep up the good work, and maybe next time it will be a 3 hour podcast 🙂

Hey Max, I think Christiana (she can correct me if I am wrong) was actually saying that the Stark children in the books all act older than their chronological ages, since the kids are aged 7 to 14/15 or so. So when she read the books, she mentally aged them around 4 years, so Robb was a young man of 18-19, not a boy only a few years into his teens.

Robb, Jon, and Dany are all older in the show than they were in the books, the books had Robert's rebellion (some would say usurpation) taking place ~15 years before, the show has it ~18 years, and all three were either conceived just before the war, or at least born during (Dany might have been born when most of the fighting was over, and only Dragonstone was holding out…) (Rough estimates…)

I liked the episode better on reflection, I think I gave it 5 or 6 somethings out of something (I forget what was in my email for the episode.)

Max, can you clarify you statement on Dany's enlightenment between episode 6 and 7, I found that observation intriguing. It is interesting what Dany thinks about what is happening in Westeros.

The actors who play the kids are older, but in the show they are all supposed to be younger, anyway 4 years older across the board is a good fix 🙂

Barn is supposed to be 10 or 11 in the show, but 14 would be better, Rickon is supposed to be 6 in the show but 10 would be better.

Same goes for Arya Joffrey Sansa, as I wrote in my last post about episode 5 🙂

About Dany

In episode 6 one gets the impression that she believes that the common folk of Westeros are just waiting for her return and once she returns all of them will follow her just because she is "the rightful ruler"

BUT in episode 7 she seems to understand that is not the case.

Did something happen between episode 6 and 7 OR was it all a show what she said in episode 6

I think in episode 6, she might have believed what she was saying to the Spice King, or she might have just been repeating her brother Viserys' statements, but I think the Spice King's responses really took the wind out of her, and she began to think about how hollow the things that Viserys believed were.

About the age thing, yes Christiana was talking about the books, but the same principle applies to the show, add 4 years to all the kids. Like Bran beeing more like 14 and Rickon beeing more like 10 instead of 10 for Bran and 6 for Rickon. The same goes for all the kids, Sansa Joffrey, Arya, Robb etc. Basically the age the actors are.

Now About Dany, in episode 6 she seems to imply that all the common folk of Westeros are just waiting for her and as soon as she returns then everyone will be so happy to see here because she is the “rightful ruler” And the common folk will follow her into the 7 hells and back and just fall down on their knees and worship her.


BUT in episode 7 she seems to understand that is not the case.

So the question is did something happen between episode 6 and 7 or did she think so all along and was just pretending

Double post, I thought my other one had bugged away 🙂

One can see there is a 2 day difference in posting time, I did not intend to clutter up the posting section

I also thought maybe I didnt hit the submit button!

Just some quick comments, fantastic podcast for a fun episode. You guys were on your A game.

But I'm confused by the title of the podcast and the entry on the website. You're advertising Episode 6: A Man Without Honor, but it should be Episode 6: Old Gods and the New. A Man Without Honor was the most recent one, episode 7.

(Sorry for pointing out the error, best you hear it from a friend.)

I heard your call for an iTunes review loud and clear! (And, I went and put in a review. Sort of.)

Looking forward to HBO's Episode 8 tonight, and the episode 7 podcast eventually. ((No pressure… no pressure…))

I'm not watching ep. 8 until I finish the podcast, so I have incentive. -P.

Great episode. Although I found myself defending Joffery when Tyrion was telling him off after the riot. Tyrion said something like: “They threw a cow pie at you so you decide to kill them, they’re starving because of a war you started”.

I thought this was a bit unfair, in that this is Westros for God Sake, most of the Kings/Lord/Khals we’ve seen so far would definitely kill anyone who threw cow $hit at them in the streets. Also, who says Joff started the war? As I remember it, it was Lady Stark who wildly decided to arrest a member of the most powerful house in the land (for a crime they didn’t commit). I blame her for all of this bloody shed. All Joff did was executed a trusted advisor who tried to betray him and steal his kingdom. Again standard response to what Ned tried to do would, 9 times out of 10 be death.

Note: Not trying to excuse the rest of the dumbass stuff Joffery does, I just thought that the bollocking Tyrion gave him was a bit unfair.


I disagree about the cause of the war

In my opinion the war with the North started because Joffrey had Ned executed instead of allowing Ned to be exiled to the wall

If Joffrey had not stepped in and said my mother and my darling Sansa wish Lord Stark to be exiled to the wall where he can live out the reminder of his years serving the realm, but these are the soft hearts of women as long as I am king…

It was the killing of Ned that triggered the war with the North.

Yeah, but again sparing Ned under those circumstance would have been an act of uncommon kindness, and would be seen as weakness in many eyes

Consider the facts from Joff's point of view.

Fact 1: Ned Stark doesn’t like your mother or her family (This is known).
Fact 2: Ned Stark has had his wife arrest your uncle on some trumped up charge of attempted murder and is holding him – without trial – so that he might “answer for his crimes” (never mind the fact you hate this uncle, he’s still family).
Fact 3: Following a fight with Ned Stark, your other uncle has now had to flee the city.
Fact 4: Ned’s not done yet, now the evil B@$tard has summoned your grandfather to come to Kings Landing to also “answer for crimes”
Fact 5: On the same day, the VERY SAME DAY, your father dies, Ned – bloody – Stark, tries to buy off the city guards, declares that you’re not the true King and tries to have you, your mother and your siblings arrested!!
Would you let this evil git keep his head???

Also the exile option, consider where Ned would be "exiled" to:

To the North: That’s where he’s from in the first place and everyone loves him in the North!
To the Wall: That massive structure his own ancestors built??
To the Night’s Watch: Would that be the same Night’s Watch that the Starks have always been “friends” to. The same Night’s Watch where Ned’s brother is a senior Ranger and his son is steward to the Lord Commander (the aging Lord Commander mind you)

Oh and let’s not forget: What massive Castle would Ned have to pass on his way to the Wall from King’s Landing???

It was the killing of Ned that triggered the war with the North

And Joffrey was unaware about the guards thing, but the point is made and I still have my oppinion

It was the killing of Ned that triggered the war with the North


I enjoy your casting of Ned in this light. (Not that I agree, but I like a new point of view.)

I do think that had Ned been sent to the Wall, he would have been shipped up there in chains like Janos Slynt was.

But if you are pushing blame back from Joffrey, then Jaime is responsible for the war by pushing Bran off the tower. Had that not happened, Catelyn wouldn't have impetuously taken Tyrion captive (Littlefinger has some blame in that as well.)

Can’t blame Jamie, it’s Bran’s fault for being a Peeping Tom. Joking JOKING!!!

I draw the line at defending smug, incestuous would be child killers.

Well but remember, if Bran didn't peek then we never would have had one of the best lines in the series "The things I do for Love"

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