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Beyond the Wall – Ep. 7

Welcome to “Episode 7” of SpecFicMedia’s Beyond The Wall – A Game of Thrones Podcast. This podcast focuses on a weekly discussion of the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” with additional discussions of the various media tied to George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

In this episode we discuss the seventh episode, “You Win or You Lose” (May 29th, 2011) of “Game of Thrones.”

Episode 7 – You Win or You Lose

00:00 – Intro, and Chooch moderates this discussion with Viv, Christiana and Nutty. P.G. is off saving the world, naturally.




___________ – Outro

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Hosts: P.G. Holyfield (author of Murder at Avedon Hill and SFM Founder)
Nuchtchas (Host of Nutty Bites Podcast)
Chooch (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host, and bassist of Ditched By Kate)
Vivid Muse (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host), Girls’ Rules Podcast Host)
Christiana Ellis (too many podcasts to list here 😉 but you can check out all things Christiana at her site.

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2 replies on “Beyond the Wall – Ep. 7”

Congratulations to PG on saving the world. I feel I can offer those congratulations, since the world did not recently end. Whew!

Thumbs up on carrying on and getting the podcast out.

Those of you who thought when reading the book that Ned was killed in the throne room, you weren't alone. I was convinced Littlefinger had stabbed Ned under the chin when I read it the first time.

I enjoyed the scene between Osha, Theon, and Maester Luwin (you guys keep calling him Pycelle… egad!) when he succinctly put Theon in his place. Well done, Luwin.

I think you guys commented on the awkwardness of Jorah getting the letter from the kid in the market.

Kid: Jorah the Andal! You, the Spy! I have your pardon from the King of the Andals!

Jorah: Er, who me?

Kid: I see no other spy lounging about! Take this incriminating letter at once, you betrayer, I have other intelligences to deliver, they are all of high importance, which is why I am acting so indiscretely!

Mogo: Jorah Am Spy? Mogo SMASH puny Andal!

Looking forward to your commentary on episode 8.

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