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Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 4 – Episode 1

We’re just so happy the season is back. Listen to us gab. Just listen!


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One reply on “Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 4 – Episode 1”

Finally indeed!

Okay, I'm really glad that everyone enjoyed the Season Premiere. Particularly that one guy. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

A few quick thoughts: Nutty suggested that the Lannisters weren't that old of a house, or at least not as old as the Starks, but I'm not so sure of that. The Lannisters were the kings of the west when the Targaryens came centuries before so they were an established badass house.

And their family (at least in myth) traces their roots back to the time of heroes, when Lann the clever outwitted the Casterlys and took ownership of the ancient seat of power. I think they're as old as the Starks.

The claim that the Starks had blood of the First Men in them probably is more of a reflection that when the Andals came to Westeros, the North was most resistant to cultural and racial intermingling. The Andals had success pretty much everywhere north of Dorne and south of the Neck, bringing their unique religion of a seven-faced god and burning weirwoods.

I am totally talking out of my ass though, I'm not looking up any relevant text as I type, so I could be 100% wrong. Discuss.

As always, I appreciate the discussions about what choices were made for scenes, why characters reappear without more continuity (like Dontos, Ser Alliser, and Janos Slynt.)

I'm going to postpone talking about Dontos, but I was okay with Janos showing up hanging with Thorne, for the exact kind of questions that was asked about why he was in a position of power, and not a grunt recruit. I think the complexity of the show makes for good discussions and (respectful) arguments.

I was totally fine with Brienne not being thrown in a dungeon like she was in the books. In the books, Brienne was accused of killing Renly by everyone, including Loras. On the show, Loras instinctually knew that Stannis had been behind it and Brienne was blameless. I like that because it speaks a bit better of Loras, a character that I like from the books but have not been that crazy about on the show. (He's been better this season though.)

The introduction of Oberyn was quite badass. The only reason I wasn't ovulating: I seem to have misplaced my ovaries. Dammit.

Oberyn is quite a character, and the actor they have playing him seems to be great, which is entirely awesome.

I'm fine with the new Daario, I just wish that he was visually more distinctive than Jorah. Daario doesn't need to look like the Joker or whatever, but he seems kind of generic mercenary man. I think in a few episodes, we'll get used to the recasting.

Like PG, I don't know how I feel about Grey Worm being accused of having a thing for Missandei. I mean, I *understand*, she's really attractive, even to a eunuch. I just don't know if I want that level of complexity added on with all the relationships we have to track.

The Arya/Hound scene was super-solid, and I don't know if I have anything meaningful to add. It was just so touching for Arya, who had last gotten SOOOO CLOOOOSE to her family and missing them, to get a piece of her family (the sword her beloved half-brother Jon gave her) returned to her.

It might be true that the Taylor Swift song of never ever ever getting back together applies to the Starks, but at least Arya had a small reunion.

Valar Kickassess!

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