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Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 4 – Episode 2

Gary Busey loves us just as much as he loves Kindle Fire TV. At least I think he would.

Chooch, Viv, P.G., Nutty and Christiana talk purple weddings, white trees, and Sausages! It’s “The Lion and The Rose,” episode 2 of Season 4 of Game of Thrones! Plus The Grump had his name day.


P.G. Holyfield (author of Murder at Avedon Hill and SFM Founder
Chooch (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host)
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5 replies on “Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 4 – Episode 2”

Hey, I'm not buying that the show was even trying to connect heretics being burned on the beach with Joffrey's death.

The show made it pretty clear that Melisandre burning heretics or those she was disagreeing with was just a standard happening. Stannis would likely to support it because he's not into anyone bucking his authority.

I kind of wish the show would recast Bran… I can buy Arya growing up, but not Bran, just sitting around all day, getting tall.

I also support the Season Three stuff with Theon and Ramsay, not because I like Theon being tortured per se, but since Ramsay Snow was pretty well established in Book Two in Bran and Theon's storyline as a horrible, horrible person, I felt the show needed to pick that up and run with it, since Reek/Ramsay was absent in Season Two.

In the book, we can hear about Lady Hornwood worried about the bastard of Bolton causing issues, we can hear about him forcing her to marry him and then her death, we can hear a lot of stuff and not pay attention to it, but have it reinforced later when this character shows up, but on screen, things have to be more direct. So Theon ended up being our point of view on Ramsay, and they had to do a lot.

yeah, that was just me, saying that Mel B was sacrificing them as more of a "buff," not directly tied to the leeches but maybe as a reminder to the Lord of Light… "hey, remember us? we're the ones that support you? There's those two guys still breathing we were hoping you might handle on our behalf? 🙂

I realize it wasn't truly connected, but I put it out there as a continued reminder that Mel will do anything to accomplish her (and Stannis's) goals.

As for Theon, I remain steadfast in my opinion that "some" of the time spent on Theon could have been used for other content and yet retain the same level of impact. But… that's just me being me.

How dare you have an opinion different than my own!

Er, I mean, you raise good points as always.

It's cool that we have differing opinions on the Theon scenes, there is an equation of the number of minutes available across the season, and scenes aren't working for someone, it feels like those minutes were lost.

In general, storylines vary with their importance and what part of the audience is invested in it, so I don't envy the showrunners in how the parcel out the time for segments. (Actually I do envy them. To be showrunners on Game of Thrones, Seven Hells Awesome.)

On the topic of "No more big baddie" I have the following to say:

Joffrey was never a 'big baddie' He was a murderous little shit but he was never very big.

Consider: How many people did he betray? How many people did he kill or cause to be killed? How many people did he abuse?

He killed a prostitute who was given over to him by someone who knew damn well what was going to happen to her. Before that, he had abused a couple more. Mostly he defied and humiliated people who were his peers or close to his peers.

No, Joffrey was never a 'big bad.'

Melisandra is a big bad, with Stannis as her underling.
The White Walkers (together) are a big bad.
The Wildlings could be considered a big bad, though I have my suspicions.

But Joffrey? Pfft. Piker.

I agree with what you're saying about Joffrey and his true "power." I may not have represented my thoughts on that well enough. I wasn't trying to say that Joffrey was the 'big baddie' as a reference to his power over all… more that he represented the one true 'presence' in the show that the audience wholeheartedly hated and rallied against.

Melisandre definitely has power, but there are some that don't even hate her, and see her purpose.
The White Walkers are definitely the TRUE 'Big Bad,' but they are nebulous and we haven't seen them since episode 1 of last season. Still walking around in circles, lost in a storm I guess…

My question was more about the show's direction… will it be able to keep everyone invested 'as easily' with Joffrey gone? Most likely, but it is something to think about.

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