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Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 8 Discussion

Sorry for the lateness. Balticon prep is making me a bit loopy. Tonight’s podcast should be fun. Feel free to use this post to discuss Season 3, Episode 8, “Second Sons.”

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2 replies on “Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 8 Discussion”

I was the opposite of disappointed. Like Vargo Hoat's lisp or Roose Bolton's whispers, some things work well in the book but not so well on TV.

If Daario had had his blue hair, forked beard, yellow mustache, he'd look like a clown.

As for the episode, it was nice that we got some upbeat moments.

Arya smiling at the very end of her scene with the Hound was great. And it was significant that the Hound referenced his brother when talking to Arya as an example of someone worse than him. Since Arya had been a prisoner of the Mountain, she can agree to that statement.

I loved the moments with Gilly and Sam, and the death of the Other. Thumbs up on the crows in the heart tree, but thumbs down on Sam clearly leaving the intact obsidian dagger behind.

I was glad we got the scene with leeches and the curses for (as Stannis puts it) the usurper kings. There's some debate online on which king got the leech with Gendry's groin-blood.

Speaking of Gendry's groin, although I'm not necessarily wanting to see him naked, it's silly for Melisandre to get naked and get busy with him having his pants on. I was thinking "man, Gendry must be uncomfortable."

And his boots still on? Really?

The Tyrion-Sansa wedding stuff was great. Cersei's ability to keep it together is just falling apart.

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