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Beyond The Wall – Season 2 – Ep. 3

Reminder… this show is NOT safe for work… just like Game of Thrones.

Episode 3 – What Is Dead May Never Die

Chooch Schubert moderates this week’s panel discussion with Vivid Muse, Christiana and Nutty.

P.G. Holyfield (author of Murder at Avedon Hill and SFM Founder
Nuchtchas (Host of Nutty Bites Podcast)
Chooch (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host, and bassist of Ditched By Kate)
Vivid Muse (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host), Girls’ Rules Podcast Host)
Christiana Ellis (too many podcasts to list here 😉 but you can check out all things Christiana at her site.

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15 replies on “Beyond The Wall – Season 2 – Ep. 3”

Nice podcast

About episode 3

I was thinking that MAYBE Theon is being tested by his father to see if Theon would follow orders and attack the Starks and it is only a test, one small fishing village raid does not mean war. And in reality the father has other plans to attack someone else, then again the father could indeed be planing to attack the Starks

When watching the man love scene I was thinking that the knight of the roses kinda looks like a girl with all that hair, and I think that was the whole plan so that not to many people would change channel as they would if there were 2 "real" men kissing

And finally, the kid who gets shot in the leg by an arrow he was kinda of a dick and possibly made so deliberately so that the audience wouldn't have a problem with him being killed

I don't know that he was a dick so much as terminally obtuse. Someone needed to die to set the tone and establish the danger that Arya finds herself in, why not the one with terrible survival skills? Yeah, and he's a whiny little dick, too. *plink*

Another great episode from the BTW podcast! I would like to point out that the end Yoren scene was easily the best sword fighting choreography on the show so far. Whereas previous sword fights were very slow and lumbering (i.e. the Eddard/Jaime fight, although having read book 1 I know how large and heavy Ice is/was), I was glad to see a change in the style of fighting (we never really got to see Cyrio go nuts with a real sword).

Now I haven't read book 2 yet, but I'm starting to see a trend here with the bad-asses that try to help out Arya. Looking forward to seeing if Arya's help toward Jaqen H'Ghar leads to some more 1 on 6 badassery.

Oh and since I forgot to post it in my comment for episode one, P.G. Holyfield is AWESOME!

K, I agree wholeheartedly about Yoren's swordfight. He rocked HARD!

I look very forward to seeing how they handle Jaqen's… abilities. 🙂

Great podcast, I'm glad the team could pull together with PG off fighting the Others.

I'll have to remember to send in my X out of Y ratings with my comment emails.

But Christiana was all over the map near the end of the podcast talking about Beric and the Brave Companions.

The Brave Companions is the same group as the Bloody Mummers. It's just that everyone calls them the Bloody Mummers when they're not actually around.

I think Nutty said they were the Mountain's men, but they were Vargo Hoat's men, all sell-swords.

I don't know if we'll see Hoat and the Mummers, but since the interrogations was focusing on information about "The Brotherhood", I'm hoping to see Lord Beric's men eventually.

Max: Interesting Theory about the Grayjoys, I'd like to see what unfolds. Your theory makes a lot of sense, how many times do we see in fiction when someone switches sides there is always a loyalty test (Kill batman if you want in our gang)

If you can believe it, Loras is described as MUCH more feminine looking in the books, I always pictured him like Orlando Bloom in LotR, everything young girls like to swoon over. Though I love how in the books and the series they stress what a great fighter Loras is. The gay characters (and possibly gay) are never stereotypical and not painted all the same way in these books and I think that makes it so good. Much like there isn't one female type of character or one male type 🙂

Lomey is a bit spoiled for sure, though it does suck for him, he yielded to by common law they shouldn't kill him. The honor laws and rules of hospitality are very important in Westeros.

K.Stover: You are so right, Ice was very heavy and lots of the fighting we have seen has been in armor, but Yorren was wearing leather. I too am glad that they change up the fighting. fun tidbit, Masie Williams trained swordfighting in her left hand even though she is a righty because Arya is a lefty, so I think they are paying a lot of attention to the sword fighting, too bad the costumer doesn't pay as much attention to armor.

Patman: You are right Pat, it gets a bit confusing, because the Mountain's men are so horrible, and then Vargo Hoat's men are just awful… Can't wait to meet Vargo. I think the inclusion of looking for the Brotherhood is telling as to how important they are to the series, when they leave out so much I pay a lot of attention to what they keep in.

Thanks for the reply 🙂

About Lomey, my point is that the characters is potraid as a huge ahole so that the audience dont give a flying frak that he dies and might even be happy about it.

That he yielded / didn’t yield has no meaning in the matter, I am talking about how an audience feels.

Lomey the blonde boy who was killed at the end?, he didnt seem an a.hole to me at all, not sure if your reading more into it from the books. I will give it another watch.

At the end of the episode 4 I was thinking Melissandre must have had some connection to John Locke 🙂 All the best guys keep up the good work!

I have not read the books and judge everything from the show. And to me he seemed like a huge ahole, but it is all the eye of the beholder I guess

Just dropped by to tell you guys that this was a very enjoyable episode. I really have nothing to add, but I've read all the books (including the Dunk and Egg series) and currently enjoys the TV series. Been listening to you guys since season one, never really got to comment until now, I was just content on listening to the awesomeness.

It's been a great podcast, and I'm sure it'll be consistently fun. Entertaining hosts, each of you have your own cool and unique personalities, also fun to watch them clash once in a while, heh. Lots of great insights and perspectives on the series, especially Christiana she's a boss, and so is this podcast, I'll give it 7 out of 7 rainbow cloaks.

MIKO thank you soooooo much! I often never comment on podcasts I listen to so I thank you for the effort made. Plus, 7/7 Rainbow Cloaks, that's high praise!

Thanks, Miko! I am flattered that you like the episode and that you took time to comment. Your opinion means more than any other listener's, because you are able to see how bad ass Christiana is. Such vision is rewarded. It is known.

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