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BTWS06E00 – Season 6 Preview

Game of Thrones Season Six Official PosterThe BTW Crew is back for Season Six! This episode is a preview of the upcoming season. We talk about what we’re hoping to see this season and announce some small changes to our show. As always, with no spoilers past the current broadcast episodes!

One reply on “BTWS06E00 – Season 6 Preview”

Nice impressions given, about Melisande
I actually kinda thought that maybe she just likes to sleep naked & old ^^;;;
Though I felt somehow thoroughly confused by the change. Somewhat.
It might be related to basically rapidly changing the level of attractiveness, thinking about her actual sexlife (like with Stannis and that table), wondering a bit that it might be progressive or so to show someone old naked and trying to figure out whether or not it was a call back to someone seen previously on the show.

About the sandsnakes,… I think I will only start remember their names when they develop more distinctive traits than “the whip one, the spear one, that one assisting on the cou”. Which I believe the show tries to go on the “he lost the contact to reality/his folk” stick.
About poor Tristan,.. one hand I had to smirk on the notion that kill steals ain’t appreciated in Westeros. On the other hand it felt kinda out of genre to go with basically a “bitch please” @.@

I felt a bit sad for Cersei which acted still very, very broken (and remembering the prophecy ;_; ). Yet I was surprised that Margery still got her chin up. The visit of evil spearhead priest..well it did make me wonder how they actually manage it to keep her as actual queen down there. oO;

Other than that, I did of course liked the “Brienne to the rescue” part 😀
I was impressed with Gwendolines acting. Mostly as I followed her bit with the Star Wars stuff and she did look really, really different while offering the vow. Plus she sold me on the anxiety, like with the previous experience at the inn and the brutal fighting, the candle mishap I really wasn’t sure Sansa would go for it. Oh… and I felt a tidy bit disheartened when I realized that Caitlins words to take Brienne into service wasn’t a cool, improvised, welcoming speech but more of a standard exchange @.@

As well as Daenerys listening in on people talking in foreign languages again. ^^
Tho I did found it a bit of a stretch that basically Jorah & Co just happened to ride to the exact spot where the clue has been left. Like in a straight line. To me that’s been a bigger coincidence than Briennes intervention.

In regards of Stannis. The actor is off the show?
I was confused that they haven’t had a corpse shot. Like a small confirmation. Specially after Tristans juicy death.
Oh and up there in Winterfell… I did wonder if its wise to tell Ramsay that ones wife might be having a baby threat.
Like he could just easily murder the poor Frey?

Over all, been a great episode and a way more engaging start than last season 🙂

PS: Where would you prefer to have your comments? ^^;

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