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Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 4 – Episode 4

And here’s the audio version…

At 9 pm Eastern on Wednesday, April 30th, Viv, P.G., Nutty and Christiana (Chooch was out, sick with the “Eye of Sauron”) discussed \\Oathkeeper,\\ episode 4 of season 4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, \\Breaker of Chains.\\ We had cracked skulls and crowny skulls, swords and armor, cats and wolves… and that was just at Christiana’s house. We hope you enjoy it!

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2 replies on “Audio: Beyond the Wall – Season 4 – Episode 4”

Nice episode 🙂
I am still listening to all the Beyond the Wall casts you are doing, just didn't found the time to comment a bit last few times.

I do like the episode.
Though I wasn't as sure about the White Walker stuff. Less because of the potential spoilers to the book series, but more as it somewhat seriously amps up the fantasy-ratio.
My favorite parts of the episode were about Brienne and the enormous gift giving. Like there was this big point about the Lannisters having no valeryian-steel sword? I was quite surprised that Jaime basically just 'like this' passes one of the swords along to house Tarth. I figured that when / if Lord Selwyn learns of this he might be very happy and rather proud to have Brienne.
Though it might be confusing to first get the request about money to release her, the news like "you greedy bastard ain't giving enough money, we'll reenact 'The bear and the maiden fair' with your daughter, a wooden sword plus an actual bear" and then the news "Hi Dad, we got our own valeryian-steel sword".

Regarding the spoiler & social media discussion. Are there tumblr "things" that are save to follow if one doesn't want to get book spoilers?

In regards of episode spoilers. I do follow tumblr things and fB groups for the Hannibal tv series. Usually I just avoid using fB or looking at tumblr until I catch up to the episode after it has aired.
I did notice that some tumblr things ask for tweets for Hannibal around the TV airtime in hope to boost the ratings a bit (like hashtags are monitored) Maybe that's a good reason to actually "spoiler"-tweeting about actual contents of the episode?

Finally caught up on the TV show so NOW I can catch up with you guys. Yay!

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