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Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 10 Discussion

Since we don’t do our Hangout/YouTube show until Wednesday, feel free to use this post to discuss Season 3, Episode 10, “Mhysa.”

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By P.G. Holyfield

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5 replies on “Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 10 Discussion”

Will there be a bonfire at the Wall? Will half the cast be slaughtered? Will Dany ever get to the sea? Tune in this week to find out! I hope the wildlings bring marshmallows this time…

Sam had a secret stash of dragonglass equipment O.O;

Hum and I felt that Brienne got to less screentime. Like she was walking bout 3 meters behind Jaimee? And I wanted to know how she took the news about Catelyns passing. How she's been welcomed (or not) in Kings Landing. And I wondered why she took something new to wear but Jaimee was left to wander in the oldest rugs ever. Like they didn't care to give him new stuff.

Jon & Ygritte was confusing.

Asha & Greyjoy a bit short cut. Felt like they had one shot with Asha in and cram more stuff into it then they got time.

I just wanna see Dany fail,.. hard.

I liked Davos and Gendry.
Though Stannis felt a bit like out of control? And Melissandre like a flag in the wind.
Why does he have Davos sorting his correspondence when he assumes Davos can't read? oO;

I liked it that Sansa warmed up to Tyron.
And Tywins support for Tyron against Joffrey was awesome 😀
I also liked Tyrons and Cerseis interaction,.. almost looked like they got over the Ross-thing.
Shae should have taken the money and make room for more interesting characters.

Poor Arya.
Worst kind of family reunion ever,.. seeing Robb and Summer like this @.@
Though the Hound still seems quite supportive. Wonder if they are heading to good old, mad Lysa Arryn?

Teylen, thumbs up on all the comments.

I thought it was odd Jaime wandering into the city rather than being escorted by his Bolton entourage. We'll see next season Brienne's reaction and treatment, I am sure.

What was confusing about Jon and Ygritte. She'd told him half a dozen times what she'd do if he betrayed her. He betrayed her, she tried to kill him. The confusing part for me was how she caught up to him, and how she couldn't catch up to him again.

It looks like Yara will get a more active storyline next season.

Stannis is always interesting to me. He seemed super-pissed at the message about Robb's death (while Missy was practically whistling.) Stannis wanted Robb dead, but he's no fan of wedding-murders. When Stannis said he'd punish those who had made the kingdom bleed, I read that as him wanting justice, violent justice, for Robb.

I assumed Davos just volunteered with the Maester on hand who handles the mail to sort stuff. That tracks with the book version.

Seeing Grey Wind's head on Robb's neck was pretty nasty, I agree.

It was quite impressive how Arya shiv'd that Frey taxidermist.

Stanis is totally lawful, you just don't break the rules without paying the price, does Davos need to show off his finger stubs again? 🙂

I could picture the thought in the Hound's mind, "Gah, she's at it again. I better step in before she gets butchered. Wait, why am I doing this again?"

I was expecting something at a little more cliffhangery this episode, like in season 2. It was more of random plot shuffling. I suppose there were cliff hangers for some side characters but that's about it. True to form, HBO is putting the big climax in the penultimate episode then doing whatever in the last.

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