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Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 9 Discussion

Since we don’t do our Hangout/YouTube show until Wednesday, feel free to use this post to discuss Season 3, Episode 9, “The Rains of Castamere.”

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By P.G. Holyfield

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19 replies on “Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 9 Discussion”

What was your death count Chooch? I mean that count you were riding on. Or if you want to tell me how many dead Starks and Yunkish you counted, I'd like to know that too.

Do you mean what were my guesses (2 rain, 4 deaths) or what's the official count? Not sure I can divulge such secrets until recording time!

You can tell me Chooch, we're pals. I'm not a Lannister spy… just whisper it. TELL ME!

Where to begin?

I think I counted one scene with rain: Team Bran up in the tower, Jon and the Wildlings down below.

I didn't bother counting because Math is Hard. Geez.

A few comments. Arya is the Angel of Death. She shows up at Baelor square, where Ned is going to be sentenced to exile at the Wall and BOOM, Ned Dead Beheaded.

Arya shows up at the Twins, where Walder Frey is ready to forgive and forget and BOOM, the Red Wedding.

Okay, it's not Arya's fault. But please stay away from anyone else I like Arya. STAY AWAY!

Did I really hear Robb Stark say the Arrested Development line "I've made a terrible mistake" – if so, will be delighted.

Wow, there was a shocking lack of nudity in the episode. I mean really. Just think of all of the plot-specific details Edmure could have sexpositioned about with his new Frey bride? MISSED OPPORTUNITY!

(To be clear, I'm joking.)

With the rate of Starks falling down dead over the past seasons, Rickon might be our last hope. Don't be busting on Rickon too much, people. He may end up on the Iron Throne, for all we know.

Okay, who's worse? Littlefinger or Roose Bolton?

I'm pretty sure you heard right.. I recall starting a laugh before freezing in place.

My votes are way off, but I knew they would be. I plan on spending most of the episode on wednesday saying "Chooch, what did you think?:

Also, I'm a sick bastard, I watched a lot of reaction videos, seeing newbie reactions is awesome.

I have the Onion article but the red wedding twitter is a lot of fun too, I'll include it in the meme round up

Now just as a more extensive impression.
I got kind of a bit mixed feelings about the episode. The ending was great 😀 Though some stuff before was rather, hum boring, something a bit hurried and one scene like "Huh, you are missing like at least 20 minutes something".

Basically the part of the sack of Yunkai.. … they were like outnumbered 1:5 and then they got out numbered like 1:50. Erm, how exactly did they do the trick after being swarmed like that? I don't assume all three of them would lie to Dany. oO;

Next thing that felt rushed, imho, was Brans Warg'ing. Like "Did I really just take over another human being, wtf?" "Yeah, you totally did, you are an awesom Warg, try it on your direwolf" Errrr, huh?
Also thought it's quite some chance they ran into Jons Wildlings … and still miss to get to him. Did the crow take one of Jons eyes? Anyway I was surprised that he didn't seem to try to pickup Ygritte and didn't appear to care. Poor girl. Though given the nasty crow attack not unreasonable. Somehow I got the impression Giantsbane almost attempted some kind of rape? Though I guessed he's just been restraining her.
I've been a bit wondering how Bran & Co. did conclude that Castle Black is already taken? oO;

I'd like the wizard comment about Sam from Gilly,.. though their plot seems hardly to advance. And I guess she'll and her Baby will die after the remark XD

The interaction between Arya and the Hound was fascinating 😀
Though I do think Arya should get over being as judgemental.

Teylen, I think the Yunkai situation worked out like this… Daario, Grey Worm, and Jorah were the equivalent of the Greeks in the Trojan Horse, their job was to get into the city, and get the city gates open for the Unsullied and Second Sons to rush in.

The three of them were pretty awesome, and just needed to survive a running fight to the gates.

Bran's been having direwolf connections since season one, so it wasn't a big leap for him to do what Orell has been doing.

Tormund was just trying to keep Ygritte from either killing his men or getting herself killed. I can't blame Jon for leaving Ygritte behind, because she's been threatening to cut off his Jonny all season if he didn't do exactly what she wanted him to do: be a wildling.

Ah, I checked the scene again. It's yunkai guards which are swarming our three heroes. They are also posing like 'to attack'. From what I understood they had a Trojan Horse like plan, murdering a few guards and get to the gates. But with so many charging in it's been a bit… hard to believe ^^;

Ah I know. Though it's going basically from some not really self aware Warg'ing in draems like directly to warg a human. Something that according to Jojoen is exceptional powerful. And from there to directly warg into the direwolf. I found it to be a very hushed development.
Like in the book (only read up to two) he had some controlled direwolf warging experience before.

Hm, I don't think she's been serious. It's her who takes the shot and going into defense right beside him. She also made rather clear that Jon would be her first priority and then the rest (as she knew he was defecting the Wildlings / never turned)
Though I guess Jons Ygritte-less escaped might have changed her mind back to really taking his balls off ^^;

The whole wedding scene was exciting 😀
I was a bit spoiled (that there'll be an attack and Robb won't make it) but it still was very impressive, unexpecting and kind of stomach turning for parts.
Like first, given the introduction, Robbs doing good excuses and Edmure behaving himself well, it occured to me that I maybe was wrong.
Specially as it was nice to see almost everyone happy. Like Edmure being happy that his spouse looked nice [is she even a (grand)daughter of Walder? Or maybe a Bolton?], Robb being happy with Talisa, even Cat being happy and smiling.
Ah well, but then eventually shit started hitting the vent hard. ^^;
I am wondering how much Jaimee knew of all of this, as Bolton basically hands over his words. Uhm, and I had faint hope that maybe at least Catelyn would be spared. As Bolton did tipp her off, her bench hiding place didn't seem as bad and she did seem closer to Walder Frey. Though I assume that her loyalty to the Starks got her finally killed. (He may have ended her speech anytime with .. like an arrow to her head. Which would also have saved his not so beloved wife)
I considered it a bit mean that they took out Summer. Though not unreasonable with all the myth Warg'ing stuff around.
Was the Blackfish inside?

Another thing I am wondering about was whether Edmure was involved in the plan @.@; He would agree murdering Robb, though am not sure about him agreeing to have Cat murdered. (Maybe another reason why Walder let her take a stand)

Arya got like very bad timing.
Okay she'd probably dead if arrived sooner, but it might have been nicer for her to arrive like about 1-3 days late? ^^;

Anyway I am kind of excited to see how they'll end the season next week. Like "Will stuff happen that beats massmurdering like 1/3 of the cast" ^^;

I don't think Jaime had any clue this was going to happen (how could he?)

Blackfish went out to take a pee before the massacre, so his fate is unknown at this time.

Ah I've been just wondering as Bolton did use the words.
Oh and good for the Blackfish, kind of ^^

I am wondering if Bolton will be a POV character now. Like being upgraded to the main cast. Or if he'll be just left to roam about unseen in the background..

I give the episode 8 out of ten sweet Grey Worm spear moves. I know everyone is talking about the red wedding, but I loved watching Grey Worm fight.

I enjoyed watching the three fighting styles simultaneously. This episode made me think I was watching Hamlet for a minute. I knew there was a good chance RW was this episode but was kind of hoping it was the tenth one. I wanted the honeymoon to not be over for one more episode but also I'm not sure what there is left to do. This follows the producers' pattern of having a climax at episode nine each season. I guess we'll have some wind down and storyline tying. Oh and the biggest fire the North has ever seen.

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