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Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 7 Discussion

Since we don’t do our Hangout/YouTube show until Wednesday, feel free to use this post to discuss Season 3, Episode 7, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair.”

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7 replies on “Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 7 Discussion”

For the record… should I ever be held prisoner and tortured and starved and parched and stuff. Should I be freed from my captivity by some ladies who want to get naked and get it on… I will freaking try to kill them. We knew it was a trap, Theon knew it was a trap, and even Sansa Stark, should Theon had texted her and described the situation, would have known it was a trap.

I'm not opposed to nudity, this is Game of Thrones after all, I know what show I'm watching… but I felt that the pre-castration lap dance was just over the top. Not that it was happening, but that Theon would give in and not resist like a madman.

The rest of the episode was fine, slow in parts, great in others. But I would have preferred Theon having his junk unjunked a bit straighforwardly.

CAPTOR: Theon! Wake up!

THEON: Er, yes?

CAPTOR: I was going to arrange a sexy bait and switch with some aspiring young actresses we have around here, but I didn't think it would work even on a sex-hound like you. So I'm going to release your kraken, with this knife.

THEON: Whatever.

I'd have preferred that scene playing out.

Dany on the outskirts of Yunkai was great.

Arya as the devotee of the God of Death, great! She's had enough with the Lord of Light BS.

Shae… annoying entitled mistress? Boo.

Ha, it came to pass as I predicted! 😀
Like with the "Bear and the maiden fair" reenactment where they tried it with Brienne and a Bear.

About the Episode, Brienne & Jaime rocked the scenes.
It was very awww-worthy when Brienne adressed him as 'Ser Jaime' and I felt they seem to have finally gotten over their animosities if there were any. Oh and I was kind of surprised to see Jaimes Sapphire con back fire like thise. I liked that the healer got some background and how Jaime convinced his escort to return. Though of all that was hinted I wasn't sure if they would go and rape Brienne first, for the first night, and do the song-reenactment after it.
Liked that Jaime managed to continue after the yet failed rich-guy-dad attempt and got them both out of it.
The fight itself was impressive. Specially with the real bear, which did really look like a real bear. (not like the polarbear in Lost) Though the choreographie appeared to be off. As the Fight starts Brienne got this major paw inprint on her neck. The bear raises up and slaps her like on the right side of the face, and I was like "Damn that'll show" but it didn't o_O; Also the next two slaps of which one like totally grounded her didn't leave marks. That's been a bit confusing to me.
They could have like have a slapping scene, and do this paw-makeup after?
Still it was pretty exiciting. Liked it even better as the Wall scaling last episode. But that's most likely thanks to Brienne. ^^
Hope the freak healer will take care of her wounds so she doesn't end up like Drogo.

I did like the Dany scene better then the last ones, though she's losing my support.
At least imho she does quite give the impression to be megalomaniac and bloodlusting. @.@;
Wouldn't mind seeing her getting a slap on the head ^^;

I thought it was a bit odd that Tywin discarded three Dragons! as curiosity?
Specially after he does know how impressive already the bones of em look?
One of the few times I understood Joeffreys arguing. Though Tywin also outruled them.

Thought it was nice that Osha got some more background and I agree on her point of going to castle black instead of three-eyed-raven hunting. Which just seems kinda stupid. I mean even if they live to find it, what do they expect?

I was unexpectedly rooting for Joffrey in the scene against Tywin, not that I like Joffrey, but he was in the right. On everything.

The small council *should* meet near the king. The Hand *should* travel to the palace for meetings.

As for Tywin discounting dragons, I bought that. He used to see all the dragon skulls in the palace, and he knew that in the past for there were no more dragons, they had been born smaller and smaller, and the generations were weaker and punier each time. He probably feels that any dragons born now would be pathetic.

About Theon @.@ Oy! I guess his casanova days are over oO;
Though I found it odd how fast he fall for those two obvious decoy girls. Who pulled the Westeros version of the sexy-nun stunt.

I liked the part of John and Ygritte, there wasn't action but the dialog was nice.

The "Guess of which homes in Kings Landing is your fathers" quiz of Melissandre was rather streched. Plus I thought Gendry did figure it by now.

Aryas scene kind of surprised me @.@ Am wondering what he's up to. I don't think he'll kill her or will try to get back to Kings Landing. The brotherhood did look quite stupid. Like she could have bolted anytime oO;

Sansa doesn't seem to get brighter, which is a pity as the character got even to notice that she's naive, not bright and got bad timing. Doesn't seem like she wants to follow up on Maegery advice. While Maegery did quite gave a resigned impression. Specially with the "… … oO(ain't serious?) … yeah my mother thought me scene.

I don't get what Shae is expecting. She knows about Tywin? oO;
If not for Sansa it would have been someone else eventually.

And nice, Robb got an heir or heiress to come.
Plus, points for him for being open regardin the gender of his kid. ^^
How do women in Westeros notice pregnancy so fast?

Arya might have been able to bolt at any time before hand, but she was expecting the Brotherhood to take her to Riverrun and Robb. So she had no incentive to escape before then, really.

And on foot, they would have found her again. As it is, had the Hound not grabbed her, they probably would have found her during the morning.

Good episode, I've gotten lots of notes upon rewatching.

They're really ramping up the ire between Orell and Jon. Resolution soon? Also Orell really doesn't get Ygritte.

Poor Sansa. Smart enough to realize she's been naive but not enough to know what to do about it yet.

Some of the most reasonable things I've heard Joffrey say all series such as objecting to making the King walk so that the Hand doesn't have to and the dragon business. The point seems to be that Joffrey seems to be very much intimidated by grandfather and maybe that's actually causing him to think about what he's saying. Tywin seems to be about the only person qualified for leashing him.

Interesting reception scene with Dany. She was very queenly and she put a great show of strength. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to know how to bargain with it. The Yunkai made a decent offer but her dragons politely declined. I guess she values the potential of a growing crusader army of freedmen over money to buy ships.

Poor Tyrion. George is meanest to his favorites.

Melisandre: Fat Bob's your dad
Gendry: Say wut?

Death is a cruel god for a little girl.

Sadly the brotherhood is not well equipped for babysitting

Wedding: "Lannisters send their regards" lol

The second time through I caught Locke's foreshadowing of Theon's scene.

Jon giving Ygritte hunting lessons? Really? Was she just humoring him?

Ygritte's sense of scale is cute.

Ygritte: trolling all day e'ery day.

I like Hodor's answer to Osha.

Osha never asked for this.

Two foreshadows in this episode for the future: Jaime's parting message leaving and then Locke's jab at Jaime in the Bear scene. In episode transitions were mostly spot on as well.

So many good comments, I don't want to spoil all of what I want to say tonight here, but I will say I did a lot of research on the bear. The Bear is Bart the Bear, more specifically Little Bart, named for the the famous Bart the Bear. Bart the elder we know from a lot of film, one specifically is the bear from the great outdoors (the bald bear). His trainer had him from almost birth in captivity till he died from a tumor at around 24 years old. Little Bart and his sister were discovered in the wild at 4 months, their mother killed. So the trainer took them in and trained them and raised them. He named Little Bart, Bart, because he reminded him so much of Bart the elder. Both bears started acting in Dr Doolittle 2, but Little Bart has more acting credits than his sister.

I watched some training videos with the bears and all of their signature moves were used in GoT, the swiping of the paw, the shaking of the head, the head tilt roar. Even the fake mauling of Brienne is one of his moves. At first watching Tek and I assumed a lot of this was CGI, not the case at all, while the actors had someone playing the bear for their close up shots, anytime you see the bear, it's a real bear. Pretty awesome.

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