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Video – Beyond the Wall – Season 3 Ep. 5

The video from Wednesday night. Audio only version will be released before Sunday night’s GoT.

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I vote that Chooch commits to talking in his Peytr Baelish voice for an entire podcast. Is there a kickstarter for this that I can contribute to?

We'll get right on that. The top backer reward will be a cabin with feather bed on a cruise with me to Alaska!

I have to chime in and vote on the spoken "Jaime, my name is Jaime" was the right way to end the scene. Yes, he thought it in the book, but how would that have played out.

The Script:

Jaime mumbles and begins to pass out, Brienne cradles him in her arms.

Brienne: Help! The Kingslayer!

Jaime thinks really really hard, so the audience will be able to read his mind.


Director: Well this is crap.


I've been waiting to hear you guys talk about the scene where the Lannister squires get murdered by Rick "Laughing Boy" Karstark. I remember the podcast from episode three where there was a lot of complaints about how the scene with Talisa and the boys was a waste of time. I was surprised since all but Chooch had read the books, and I remember what a major deal it was for Karstark to murder the hostages. When Willem and Martin were mentioned when Robb was busting on Edmure, I sat up straight. And when they were shown as little adorable dudes, I was all "oh nooooooeeeessss" because I knew that it wasn't Werewolf Robb they had to worry about.

But the reverby thought-bubbles worked so well in Dune!! <ducks>

Nice Cast again 😀

I think the thought stuff wouldn't have worked even if they did like a voice over. Giving his backstory I would assume that he's more often thinking something like "Jaime, my name is f*ing Jaime." when addressed as Kingslayers.
Plus apart from the viewers point, it's not like Brienne could have read his mind and just guessed that he wants to be addressed by her as Jaime. (Okay she could, and maybe did in the book, but it's like more believable like this)

Something I thought while listening to the cast and all those arguments about how Tywin will wipe those nasty rumors,…
I don't think marrying his own daughter to Westeros most famous gay person will do such a good job of disproving claims that her children are of incestuous origin. Whether or not Jaime's home. ^^;
In this regard even Balon would have made more sense (even if like yuck)

My prev. comment is gone?

Anyways cool cast.

Just been stating that I thought it was a good idea that Jaime voiced his wish out, as he might have thought before "call me Jaime"

And that Tywin marrying Cersei zu Loras, given Loras reputation, might not be the best move to deflect the rumors.

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