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Game of Thrones Season 3 Ep. 4 Discussion

Since we don’t do our Hangout/YouTube show until Wednesday, feel free to use this post to discuss Season 3, Episode 4, “And Now His Watch Is Ended”

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I was losing my mind the whole episode loving that we get to see another perspective on so many things hinted at in book 3-5. Can't wait to see the hangout on episode 3 and 4.

The single biggest challenge (other than getting to the mic on time) is NOT talking to Chooch about each and every little thing until we get on the microphone. Excruciating!


Okay, I'll sprinkle in some comments about last night's episode.

– Thank goodness Jaime has Brienne to talk him out of dying by apathy. As always, their scenes are great. Did anyone notice that in the fight, at one point Jaime is knocked down and loses his sword briefly? He tries to pick it up first with his STUMP. Jaime, that's a reflex you'll have to get past. You are no longer "all right".

– It was a bummer to see the Lord Commander die, after being stabbed in the back by Rast. You can't spell "Rat Bastard" without R-A-S-T. And now his watch is ended.

– The interior of the Sept in Kings Landing was Amaze-balls.

– Were there any clunker scenes? Even Ros was good. Varys always brings some magic to a scene (despite his well-understood dislike of magic.) But it seems that Podrick truly was some kind of sexual titan. Unless the things he did for the whores were their nails and hair, and maybe he swept up, and painted their rooms or whatever. And didn't have sex?

– Oh Theon. Theon, Theon. You know just the things to say to make me feel sorry for you. Calling Ned Stark your real father was an unexpected shot to my sympathy bone. Theon, you still need to atone, and justice needs to be done, but I don't totally hate you, little lord. Too bad your captors still don't have lemoncakes on hand.

– There's no need to for me to talk about Dany's triumph. So I won't.

Great episode, and I look forward to hearing the podcast.

Thanks PG for opening up a discussion thread!

No man has ever been shot by his wife while he was doing the dishes.

Re:Theon. Viv I remember that scene well when Theon swears allegiance to Robb. I remember thinking "you son of a *#%^&" (because, you know, I knew that he'd be betraying Robb in the next season.) But if I watched that scene now, it'd just make me feel sad for Theon.

It was Patman's idea. I just make the magic happen… sort of like Podrick.

5 out of 5 fingers on a hand necklace!! The attention to detail in this series across the board is remarkable – little things such as Jaime reaching for the sword with his stump. Even if we occasionally disagree with the choices the show runners make, it's clear they love the series.

On a different subject – do you all think Pod's expertise is as a practitioner of the Lord's Kiss?

Dunk my husband and I are thinking the same thing, but I wasn't sure if I should mention it due to spoilers… then again, is that something they might include in the show? (Won't say where the Lord's kiss comes into play in the series)

Nutty, I might have signed one of my emails Ser Podrick or something at one time. But now the bar has been set pretty high by the show. Apparently not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry can honestly claim to be Podrick.
I'll stick with being Patman.

Oh nice a commenting thread before the show.

I agree that the Jaime and Brienne scenes were brilliant. Yet again. Amazin how they'll do manage to keep up with it. About the scene it self I got kind of surprise that Brienne were so concered about Jaime, as she spoke up for him more then once and delivered moral support. Though still,.. after Sam Jaime is now the second character who developed the idea of "just lay down and die". The comment from Brienne about don't do it like a women,… even while being helpful it struck me as a bit sexist ^^;;;
Jaime gave in the fight against three man, one and off-handed, more competent impression then in his combat with Brienne. At least to me. I didn't notice the stump grasping part. To be honest I got quite confused with his dead hand dangeling around @.@
On a cultural side note, it keeps reminding me a bit of the "Thing T. Thing" at the Addams Family.

The thing I loved most about Brienne's ability to rally Jaime is that she used his own sexist insults against women against him. And won, as his chewing demonstrated. She easily outsmarted someone that was sure he was smarter than she. Naturally, being as classy as she is, she did not point it out later or tease him for it.

True. I even didn't expect that she would come back on this again. It kind of didn't occur like to be even a possibility.

Something that I did wonder about when I mused about the scenes she has been in so far, regarding her way of acting, how her morals are presented regarding treating Jaime as a prisoner and reacting to the cruelties of their captors was the encounter with those northmen. While I think it was quite in line that she fought those I came to wonder about the way Brienne sliced the last one up from down below. Which seemed a bit like unnecessary and,.. intentional cruel? She could have just stabbed him in some more normal way. Like she does got maybe a little darker spot there.
I am wondering if they will revisit on that thematically or if it was just for show. Like to present that she's willing to consciously kill her opponents.

I've seen the aspect that Podrick magic got brought to Varis as an indication that he wasn't as good but something else is going on. If it would be just for viewers amusement they won't be dragging it along like this, I guess. Varis package did quite gave quite some background and I was kind of surprised about his and the Tyrells move on Sansa. Poor thing. I don't think they'll have a lot of kids.

Maegery plays Joeffrey like a puppet, Cersei takes rather late notice of it and cries to her dad.
Poor Tywin. He probably feels like he produced a lot of incompetet cry babies waiting for applause while the one that didn't totally mess up is missing. He won't be happy once he's handed Jaime. (There can't be enough hand jokes xD ) Though am wondering what he's planning.
Ah and he admitted freely having started a war. So it wasn't so much Cats fault.
I liked the view of the sept and Kings Landing 😀
Though the show had quite some visuals. Even if there weren't any direwolfs oO;
I did like the fact of the Saphirre Islands having a very saphirre like blue sea surrounding it. So Jaime did pull a Con. Though I hope it lasts.

Something I was expecting was what happened at Astapor.
After handing the key to more or less every even half competent soldier, by the mother who loves her dragons,.. but it still was very impressive 😀 If the dragons were bigger she might have coaled it black like Harrenhal. It was a bit of a strech to methat they accepted freedom and fealty so easily, kinda.

Something I wasn't expecting was Theons fate.
Let on loose, fake rescue, getting Infos and then back to the cross. Smart.
A bit strange that Theon hopped about as if his foot wasn't smashed. He could have limped.

Meanwhile the nightswatch experienced a hotel situation gone terribly bad.
Didn't see that coming and its a bit like a shame about Mormont.
They didn't kill the Owen-Ranger, did they?

The scenes around Bran didn't leave as much of an impression.
Just imagine it kinda funny how Catelyn would climb up a tree ^^
(I know, it's a dream, but still ^^)

PS: Would be nice to be able to post bigger comments xD
(or I try to be more concise)

The ending annoyed me just the part where Dany tell the Unsullied they can be free WTF. The slaves who had been slaves all their live. They have been beaten, broken and forced to kill from children how would there even have any concept of the word "FREEDOM" plus she's still holding the masters whip when she says it.

I don't know, it was her last order to them, you are free. They all have a concept of freedom, the ones that don't make it to be unsullied are the free ones because there are no masters in death. I think this goes to show that no matter how obedient a slave, they all yern to be free.

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