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Movie News – Paramount Gives up on Dune

From Deadline New York:

Paramount has turned loose the giant worm, and everything else that was part of the seminal Frank Herbert science fiction novel series Dune. The studio\\™s four-year attempt to make a movie out of the franchise has fallen by the wayside. Paramount and the rights holders came to a parting of the ways as the rights lapsed. \\Paramount\\™s option has expired and we couldn\\™t reach an agreement,\\ said Richard P. Rubinstein, who controls the rights to what is considered the biggest-selling science fiction book ever. \\I\\™m going to look at my options, and whether I wind up taking the script we developed in turnaround, or start over, I\\™m not sure yet.\\

For more on the story, visit the article at Deadline New York’s website.

By P.G. Holyfield

Founder of SpecFicMedia, author of Murder at Avedon Hill, and host of several podcasts.