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Author Video – Mark Jeffrey on “Hey”

From the video page on YouTube:

Mark Jeffrey is author of “The Pocket and the Pendant,” a novel geared towards young adult readers. Mark self-published the magical realism-themed story in paperback form on, and then followed it up with a free audiobook on that he narrated himself. The audiobook became an underground sensation, eventually getting more than 2 million downloads. He’s now leveraged that success into a book deal. The reworked, re-edited book is being published in hardcover form by HarperCollins, to be released May 1, 2011.

In his day job, Mark is CEO of the live-streaming and podcast network that he started with Jason Calacanis, Kevin Pollak and others.

Find out more about Mark at,, and @markjeffrey on Twitter.

Host: Dane Golden

By P.G. Holyfield

Founder of SpecFicMedia, author of Murder at Avedon Hill, and host of several podcasts.