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Beyond The Wall – Episode 1

Welcome to the “Episode 1” of SpecFicMedia’s first podcast, Beyond The Wall – A Game of Thrones Podcast. This podcast will focus on a weekly discussion of the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” with additional discussions of the various media tied to George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

In today’s episode we discuss the premiere episode of “Game of Thrones.”

Episode 1 – The Things I Do…

00:00 – Intro

00:30 – Hosts Say Hi – P.G. Holyfield, Chooch, Viv, and Nuchtchas say hi and give general impressions of the premiere.

2:50 – “It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted.” – Opening Credits

6:00 – “Clever Girl” – Winterfell

16:40 – “You should be the Hand of the King.” – King’s Landing

22:30 – “You don’t want to wake the Dragon.” – Pentos and The Targaryens

24:00 – “How did he get so fat?” – The King at Winterfell

36:30 – “When I fight a man for real, I don’t want him to know what I can do.” – The feast

42:00 – “All 40,000 men, and their horses, too.” – Back to Pentos

44:30  – “A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair.”

45:20 – “The things I do for love.” – The end at Winterfell

59:00 – The Outro

1:00:00 – Viv introduces John Anealio

1:00:45 – John Anealio – “George R.R. Martin is Not Your Bitch” – Books, Bytes & Bots

1:03:40 – Outtakes

Hosts: P.G. Holyfield (author of Murder at Avedon Hill and SFM Founder)
Nuchtchas (Host of Nutty Bites Podcast)
Chooch (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host, and bassist of Ditched By Kate)
Vivid Muse (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host), Girls’ Rules Podcast Host)

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