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BTWS05E05 – Beyond The Wall – Season 5 Episode 5

Kill the BoyHere is episode 5 as we discuss Game of Thrones Season 5 “Kill The Boy”.

In this episode we discuss Game of Thrones title sequence logic, killing boys, Hizdahr zo Loraq, the Targaryan family tree, Bolton over sharing, and grey scale infection vectors.

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One reply on “BTWS05E05 – Beyond The Wall – Season 5 Episode 5”

I don’t want to come off as being snotty and I apologise if it reads that way, but I’m in a particularly grumpy mood and instead of punching somebody’s nose I’d rather correct a mistake made on a podcast I very much enjoy, as I think I’ve heard it made in one of the earlier episodes as well.
It’s regarding the origins of princess Shireen’s greyscale. I don’t recall her ever being on a sinking ship and as far as I remember the readers never learn more about it other than she’s got it as a child/baby.
I assume what you guys must be thinking about is how Dragonstone’s creepy fool Patchface showed up in Westeros. He was picked up by Stanis, Robert and Renly’s parents in one of the slaves cities (Volantis IIRC) and they were bringing him back from their voyage hoping to teach young Stannis how to laugh. However the ship in fact got caught in a storm near Storm’s End and horrified Stannis and Robert (can’t remember whether Renly was there too) have witnessed it sinking. A few days later Patchface has washed up on the shore, the sole survivor I believe.
A minor thing, I know, but was bugging me to no end in my foul mood, so there it is. 🙂

Also, Maester Aemon’s little brother Egg was the grandpa of Mad King Aerys, though I think they skipped a generation on the show making him in fact his dad. And it’s not exactly that he had a calling for joining the Night’s Watch, but rather he’s done it to remove himself from the line of succesion and prevent anybody from ever contesting his lil bro’s rule in his name.

Sorry about the wall of text and what sounds like nitpicking, it’s just none of my friends is really much into ASOIAF, not as deeply anyway, so my inner nerd just demands to get oit every once in a while.
I do enjoy your show a lot, looking forward to your next installments!

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