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For Fun… A Little Contest

So, we’re having a little contest for BTW Fans:

The Season 4 Final Image Contest

What will the last scene, and specifically, the last image, be for Season 4 of Game of Thrones? Who or what will we see immediately prior to the Fade to Black, music rises, and credits roll for Episode 10 of Season 4?

If you recall, season 1 ended with naked Dany and her baby dragons. Season 2 ended with White Walker Horseman-Zombie hissing at Sam (don’t get me started on the multiple levels of mind-numbing plot ridiculousness of that scene two seasons later…). And Season 3 ended with Danaerys once again, being carried aloft in the Yunkai mosh pit (Pearl Jam concert was happening just inside the walls, I think).

I decided this would be fun for the hosts to do, but I decided to open it up to everyone.

How do you enter the contest?

Well, first of all, don’t post your guess here. We don’t spoil, and guesses from people that have read the books would certainly be spoilerific by default. Even if you haven’t read the books, don’t post your guesses here. Instead, send an email to btw at specficmedia dot com.

In your email, include two items:

  1. First, your guess, with as much detail as possible. If you’re correct, but someone else’s guess has more details right, they’re going to win.
  2. Tell us how many of the books you’ve read (or if you’ve skipped the books and just read the entire wiki). Or if you are only a show watcher. Honor system.

I’m the only judge. And I can be bribed. No f’ing tribunal, and no trial by combat.

We’ll discuss both the host entries and the listener/viewer entries on our final episode of the season (the entries we can talk about… if someone guesses something that doesn’t happen in the last episode but might still happen next season, or later, we’re not going to talk about it on the show). I may or may not give away a t-shirt or two. No promises. But maybe. If you’re lucky.

So, send me an email. Watch the last two episodes of Season 4. And then watch our final live BTW of the Season (date TBD, but most likely Wednesday, June 18th).

You have until 9 pm Eastern on THIS Sunday (June 8th) to send me your email. No watching the previews for Episode 10 before sending me your guess… So get on it!

By P.G. Holyfield

Founder of SpecFicMedia, author of Murder at Avedon Hill, and host of several podcasts.