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Podcast Announcement: Tintin Forever

We at are proud to announce our next video/audio podcast/YouTube show:

On Thursday, October 3rd, will be launching Presents: Tintin Forever. Tintin Forever will be a monthly podcast/YouTube show, and I will be co-hosting it with Valerie Durham (the better half of Consumption guest James Durham).

For those of you not familiar with The Adventures of Tintin, here\\™s the gist of it. The Adventures of Tintin was a comic, created by Belgian cartoonist Herge, which was serialized in newspapers and various magazines from 1929-1983. The Adventures of Tintin chronicled the travels and adventures of young Belgian reporter Tintin, always aided by his faithful dog Snowy. It was a series admired for its artistic style, it\\™s storytelling innovations, its humor, and its ability to comment on the politics and culture of the day. It some ways Tintin is a travelogue, and in other ways it is a reflection of the turbulence and change that was the 20th century. Tintin\\™s stories crossed many genres: from mystery and swashbuckling adventure, to fantasy and science fiction, and even instances of magical realism that have become so popular today.

While we might do some live shows from time to time, this will be a more of a production oriented show, uploaded to YouTube the first Thursday of every month, and the show will also be released in audio form, day and date, as a podcast with the same name. The main reason for this is I want to include more multimedia content, and while there are ways to do this during our live Hangouts, I want to give the visual content its due, and adding this content in post and uploading the completed product will be the best way to accomplish this.

Following this, we will release new episodes the first Thursday of every month, each covering the next comic album chronologically. And when we have time, we\\™ll throw in additional episodes covering  subjects such as Tintin the movie, the Tintin television show, or possibly the European Tintin movies from the 60s and 70s… and whatever else strikes our fancy.

So to become part of the show, you can do any of the following:

You can email us at tintin at
You can leave us a voicemail at 704-981-1736… that\\™s  704-981-1SFM for those of you with one of those old timey phones…
You can post questions and leave comments on YouTube or on, either here or on future episode posts.

See you on October 3rd (hopefully, if I can finish editing the video) for the first installment of Presents: Tintin Forever.

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If you need “international correspondents”, I might be able to provide you with the german translations of the comics.

Maybe other audience members of you podcast also got access to other language versions and may help you to compare the different language versions.

Thanks Selganor! We make mention of foreign versions of the albums in episode 0. I'll let you know if we need some help on that!! 🙂

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