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With Balticon this past weekend (and some personal stuff), you might have noticed some delays with content on the site. My apologies.

Episode 6 of Beyond The Wall will be released as soon as I can finish it (hopefully tonight). Episode 6 of the “Eye of Newb” will definitely be released today. Episode 7 of Beyond The Wall will be released before the end of the weekend, along with a special “Hodor” episode of Beyond The Wall… it may be 100 degrees in North Carolina today, but rest assured… Winter is still Coming.

One reply on “Delays…”

Huzzah! I got fussed out by PG!

Good thing I didn't know what he said when I'd met him at Balticon, because then PG would have given me a Dothraki necktie just like Drogo gave Mogo (or whatever his name was, old dead and tongueless) in episode 8.

For those of you who don't know, PG is 8 foot tall with cyclopean biceps. I think they call him the Mountain the Blogs (at least I do!)

Anyway, great commentary on episode 6, and I enjoyed the discussion on extreme heat on the brain. Ah, Viserys, how is it that I felt sorry for you during your coronation?

A few quick comment, I think the Roz leaving town scene was not only to give Theon some screentime but to establish that the Winterfell men would literally be marching soon. It's one thing for Theon and Robb to debate going to war, but when the whores leave town ahead of the army (instead of becoming camp followers as they did in my day) then you know the menfolk will be leaving soon.

By the time you get this comment, episode 8 will have been broadcast, I look forward to hearing your episode 7 podcast, and of course episode 8.

For no real reason, I'd like to point out that although I didn't see Theon's Greyjoy kraken but my wife did (episodes and episodes ago), I couldn't miss Hodor's hanging hodor in the godswood, but my bride somehow didn't notice it.

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