Beyond The Wall – Season 2 – Episode 9

Reminder… this show is NOT safe for work… just like Game of Thrones.

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Episode 9 – Blackwater

Christiana moderates the discussion with panelists Chooch and Nutty. P.G. and Viv were both injured outside of King’s Landing and could not make it to the recording.


Chooch (Into the Blender Podcast Co-Host, and bassist of Ditched By Kate)
Christiana Ellis (too many podcasts to list here ;-) but you can check out all things Christiana at her site).
Nuchtchas (Host of Nutty Bites Podcast)

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  1. Lostinacrowd says:

    Cool, been waiting, nice one guys :)

  2. patman says:

    Downloading it now, looking forward to hearing your reactions to such an important episode!

  3. patman says:

    By the way, I really enjoyed your long discussion about one of my favorite secondary characters, Sandor Clegane. Yes, he cut the Butcher's Boy in half due to Joffrey's lies, but he's one of my fave characters all the same.

    • Vivid Muse says:

      I feel the same way at this point in the story, likely more than any other. His surprising fear, honor and ethics are definitely endearing.

  4. patman says:

    Hmmm, the comments have been quiet. I'll spread some outrage.

    Episode Nine was horrible without the Chain! I am outraged!

    Okay, I'm not really. The Blackwater episode was fantastic. Stannis was crazy for not having a helmet on, but whatchagonna do?

  5. Nuchtchas says:

    Sorry for the silence, things have been crazy, but good on your for the bump.

    Yes, the chain is an outrage! But it's still a great episode, I understand Stanis not wearing a helmet filming wise, but If I were an archer I'd think his head would be easy to hit :P

    The Hound is awesome, yes he killed the butcher's boy, but that's all part of what makes him awesome. I love him so much

  6. Some chick says:

    So…..episode 10…

  7. pgholyfield says:

    It's coming. The new job has taken most of my time, but I'm hoping by no later than wednesday… and then I have to start editing the feedback/season end show we recorded last Tuesday.

  8. patman says:

    Thumbs up!

  9. RandomFan says:

    The shows been over for a month now and STILL no ep. 10?

    • pgholyfield says:

      Oh and I'll be cashing that check you send me… oh, wait… that's right.

      • RandomFan says:

        Haw hawww….but seriously I am now taking bets on which we'll see sooner- "The Winds of Winter" or BTW's episode 10 recap.

      • Vivid Muse says:

        Hang on, you mean we aren't getting paid for this? Well, screw that.
        /storms off into virtual star trailer and slams the door/


        All things in their time, Kittens. PG is doing his damndest. He works very hard to get the right sound clip drops-ins and other wizardy stuff, so I say we consider it a grape ripening on the vine. We shall have it when it is luscious and ripe, and not a moment before. Cool? (Also, THANKS for wanting to hear it so much that you left a comment!!)

  10. Arya says:

    The 10th episode feels like the 3rd name. I can ask, but I get not definitive time or place ;-)

    • Vivid Muse says:


      Gaiz!!! It's Arya!!! OMG, I am such a big fan!

      Okay, what did you think about how they changed your storyline so far in comparison to your storyline in the book?

      Who's hotter up close? Syrio or Jaqen?

      I imagine Theon's breath likely smells like Gollum's. Comment?

      *curtsy* Thank you for your time, Lady Arya.

  11. Vivid Muse says:

    May I say that BTW cast's humility is awesome? The comments are moderated, and even when it's a zinger about delays or whatevs, it's approved. I <3 our cast..

    • RandomFan says:

      We out here in fanland love you guys too- that's why we're so eager to hear the final show. Don't take the complaints about the delays seriously… just having a lil' fun :)

      • pgholyfield says:

        I don't mind complaints, for the most part. Nobody hates the delays more than me, and I'm the one causing them. Just so you know, a little smiley face with the complaint goes a long way with me. ;-)

        • patman says:

          I'll beat my chest like an ape over these delays! >:{O
          (It's easy to do, since I am an ape.)
          Oh very well, I will allow you to sell no wine, before it's time.

          To be serious for a moment, we have a long wait until season three, so don't feel pressured to rush. I'm sure it will be The Awesome (or at least the usual level of nigh-Awesome fun) when it drops.

          Looking forward to the feedback thing too, but again, don't feel rushed.

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