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Beyond The Wall – Teaser 02

Beyond the Wall Teaser 02

All of your hosts recorded little teasers for Episode 2 of Season 8. Listen to some initial thoughts from Christiana, Chooch, Viv, and Nutty. Check back later in the week for the full episode.

Reminder, watch the spoilers people, not everyone watches at the same time.

2 replies on “Beyond The Wall – Teaser 02”

Nice little teaser, I am looking forward to the whole episode ^^
My teaser impression was, that it felt really nice, but as well really slow.
I am a bit afraid that the next episode might feel ultra dense and maybe a bit rushed.

I am as well thoroughly worried about my favorite character (Brienne) and everyone in her close vinicity like Jaime (who wore his favorite red shirt all episode long) and Podrick ^^;

I am uncomfortable. But: that. is. okay. Sometimes it’s okay to exist in that place. Regardless about my feelings of seeing someone naked that I initially “met” (in a TV show) as a child, Maisie is an adult now and allowed to take her shirt off when she wants to.

That aside, I loved this episode. The Hound and Beric scene felt awkward to me but all the other scenes really gave an intimate look at the characters’ thoughts, feelings and relationships. Especially important as many of them may not be here in episode 4. I agree with Christiana that this gave us what episode 1 didn’t.

I’m already stoked for episode 3, although I’m confused that the showdown is so early in the season and really brings into question what the actual climax will come down to. And between whom.

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