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LIVE TONIGHT: GoT Season 4 Ep. 7 Reaction “Hangout”

Due to Balticon travel and weekend, we’re not doing our regular Wednesday night show. But what we ARE doing is this… a 45 minute to 1 hour live reaction show right after the east coast airing of episode 7 of GoT. Join us! (And a live show at Balticon Sunday night!).

Ask questions and make comments in the Q&A app! Give us questions for our Balticon Live Show next Sunday! And of course marvel at what little I (P.G.) know after just a single viewing of an episode!

5 replies on “LIVE TONIGHT: GoT Season 4 Ep. 7 Reaction “Hangout””

When you guys were going over Peter Dinklage’s other acting credits no one mentioned a pretty good but short lived science fiction show he was in called ‘Threshold’, along side Carla Gugino.
Has anyone seen it? It’s pretty solid and the science is interesting and accurate.

Yes, we've mentioned that show at some point. I loved it for the short time it was on, Brent Spiner doing his crazy doctor character, and Peter Dinklage playing a smart man with a liking for booze and women… hmmm…. anyways, good call, Szientific!

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