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Tintin Forever: Episode 0


Your hosts, P.G. Holyfield and Valerie Durham, get together to talk about their plans for the show.

– Introductions
– T.F. will be a monthly podcast/YouTube show. Each show will cover one of the 23 Tintin comic albums (plus special episodes whenever possible).
– Discussion of Herge, The Adventures of Tintin, and some of the characters from the series.
– Next time, P.G. and Valerie will discuss the first Tintin comic album, “Tintin in the Land of the Soviets.”

We’ll be recording the episode on Sunday, October 13th. If you would like to ask questions or leave comments that we’ll include in the next show, you can:

– post comments here
– write an email to
– leave a voicemail at 704-981-1SFM (1736)

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