TuacaCon 2011

A Virtual Con ~ hosted by SpecFicMedia on UStream
Saturday, November 12

TuacaCon is a virtual convention that P.G. Holyfield started last year. Tuaca became one of the \\liquors of choice\\ at the conventions he attends (most notably Balticon and Dragon*Con), and became the \\˜unofficial\\™ mascot of the convention (The company that makes this wonderful liqu0r is not associated with the convention or with SpecFicMedia.com in any way, other than we like the stuff!).

So what is TuacaCon? Last year in November, we had a 9 hour live \\show\\ online, with author readings, interviews, live music, and live and recorded comedic skits from several podcasters across the U.S. We used UStream.tv for the broadcast, and had a lot of fun with the event (even though P.G. might have imbibed a little too much and fell asleep at the wheel near the end of the night).

This year we plan on doing things right (or at least a little better), with more contributors, the addition of panels on pertinent speculative fiction topics, and more interaction with our audience (well, some of our audience, not the ones that post \\Show my your boobs!\\ in the chat\\¦ oh yeah, that was me.).

If you are a writer, musician, or comedian that has the ability to do webcam work (or prerecorded video, in certain cases), please comment here or an email to pgholyfield at specficmedia.com.

TuacaCon 2011 will be Saturday, November 12th, starting time and duration of the event yet to be determined at this time. P.G. will start organizing this \\˜convention\\™ in earnest starting October 1st.

TuacaCon 2011 \\“ Virtual Convention\\¦ Real Debauchery.

Some of this year’s participants are:

Nathan Lowell
Philippa Ballantine
Tee Morris
Evo Terra
Patrick E. McLean
Starla Huchton
Phil Rossi
James Durham
Seth Harwood

Musical Guest of Honor – Ditched By Kate

(Bios will be added as posts on the site starting tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 10th)

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