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Let’s play a game. Where do you fit in Westeros?

Thank you for the Heraldry

Are you loving the world of Game of Thrones?  I know I am.  I started to wonder about where I would be in Westeros (or Easteros, which is the long beyond the narrow sea, psst, where Dany is now)  So taking into account my background, my family made their living off the sea, merchant seamen and clammers and the like, I immediately though of the Greyjoys and the Iron Islands. (Theon and his family) but I realized that my family isn’t navy (war types) but merchants, so I looked eastward.  I thought about Dorne but still just a bit out of the way, also a lot warmer climate then I grew up in.  I also thought about Pontos, Tyrosh and Myr, good ports, lots of trade, but as I’m the first to color my hair crazy I’m not sure that fits either.  Then I settled on Dragonstone, (yeah my love of dragons helped me find this area,) it is just outside of Kingslanding, there is a lot of fishing, trade and even some smuggling (I won’t speak more on that from the books nor my family) so it seemed pretty perfect.  They get snow in winter so it matched my NY childhood pretty well.  I also found the house Sunglass there, now this is a coat of arms with a white background and seven seven pointed stars on it.  My actual family heraldry is a black background and six sixpointed stars on it, so it was pretty close I’d say.  Would I be from this house?  I suppose not, I imagine myself being smallfolk or someone who’s family worked for the great house.

Next, my husband.  That’s simple, as my husband is Canadian I look to the north.  Winterfell for sure, as my husband is in the army I would expect him to be sworn to the Starks.  Also, translating his trade (Weapons Technician, historically Armorers and Brasiers, founded in 1322) to westeros we find he would be an engineer in the Stark’s siege train. (meaning he helps build, fixes, uses trebuchets, battering rams, ballistas and things like that.)  My husband has mentioned to me, since he is French (Quebecer) and sworn to the Starks, does this make him a Cronogman? Hmmm, we’ll ask that again later in the series.

I imagine I somehow met the northman and moved myself up to the land of the cold.  Oh how I would miss the summer and the sea… Come to think of it, I do miss the sea.  I would like to think that I would be able to find work painting shields with direwolves or something similar, but then, what does a woman get to do in this type of world?

So where would you fit?  Need help figuring it out? Let me know.  I will help you find a land on the map and a herald to assign yourself.  So much better then one of those lame internet quizzes don’t you think?

By P.G. Holyfield

Founder of SpecFicMedia, author of Murder at Avedon Hill, and host of several podcasts.

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I'd be north of the Wall, my knees don't bend! (That's because I am old.)

Essos (the continent east of Westeros…) has too much slavery…

Essos…a silvery silky tunic around me, a wip in my hand, a cup of red summer wine in the other and a cohort of female slaves at my feet…obeying every command…


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