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Murder at Avedon Hill Receives 5-Star Review from Midwest Book Review

From Midwest Book Review: “When gods entwine themselves in the events of mortals, nothing goes as expected. \\Murder at Avedon Hill\\ is a fascinating fantasy from P. G. Holyfield and the land of Caern, where the gods, magic, and faith find themselves at odds.

When murder strikes society which is already at heavy odds with each other, the boiling point may be reached. Arames Kragen, a scholar, must be able to find the truth behind it all to earn his way into a mysterious mountain pass\\¦\\Murder at Avedon Hill\\ is an exciting and riveting fantasy, not to be missed.”

Murder at Avedon Hill can be found on and online booksellers everywhere.

By P.G. Holyfield

Founder of SpecFicMedia, author of Murder at Avedon Hill, and host of several podcasts.