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Book Trailer – Discipline

Trailer for DISCIPLINE by Paco Ahlgren.

Douglas Cole is being hunted\\”and protected\\”but he doesn’t know it. His life has been shattered by inexplicable tragedy, his mind haunted by ominous visions, and yet the more he questions the horrifying events plaguing him, the more elusive the answers become. Pushed to the brink of insanity, Douglas begins a desperate psychological battle with an enemy he can’t see and doesn’t understand, the outcome of which will determine the fate of humanity.

Fusing philosophical passion with electrifying suspense, Discipline dissects our assumptions about the limits of perception and reality. Paco Ahlgren effortlessly weaves blunt, gritty realism with spectacular scope in the story of Douglas Cole’s battle for a world without boundaries.

By P.G. Holyfield

Founder of SpecFicMedia, author of Murder at Avedon Hill, and host of several podcasts.